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Kenny Baker gets to play R2!

Today TF.N says that Kenny Baker did in fact get to play the loveable R2-D2 in the pick-up shooting for Episode II. Spoilers - Highlight to read: For the very final shot last Saturday, at the very end of shooting, George Lucas let him squeeze into the R2D2 shell for the first and last time in Episode II. He stood next to C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) on a blue screen background for the 20 second shot, as the prefilmed action happened off camera.

Though R2-D2 features strongly in the movie, he has once more been created by ILM and the special effects crew. As the shoot came to an end, the cast and crew all received a round of applause. There was more applause as Don Bies was handed a birthday cake celebrating his 40th and the champagne corks popped.

I am sure it was great to get to play R2-D2 again, but I am sure that he is frustrated that he has to compete with the CGI version.

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