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Confederacy of Independent Systems!

Today Episode X has some news about a Confederacy of Independent Systems being in Episode II. Spoilers - Highlight to read: On Geonosis after Padmé is captured there is a scene with her in a Conference Room. She's sitting at a table which has been revealed in some select pics, facing a bunch of separatists sitting around the round table.

These separatists are the leaders of worlds which are part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which in whole is led by Count Dooku. They are the following:

Passel Argente
Toonbuck Toora
Nute Gunray
Po Nudo
Jev Nerran
Shu Mai
Wat Tambor
San Hill
Sun Rit

Dooku is also at the table.

Remember the round table from the Episode II select pictures? This helps to shed a little light on the subject. How does Padmé fit into the picture?

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