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Featured Artists-Andrew Ravenwood Collection

Andrew Ravenwood is a gifted Star Wars artist who used a program called Bryce to create digital Star Wars art and he displayed that work on his website called Andrew's Star Wars Site in the late 1990's through the early 2000's. When he took his website down in 2004, his artwork seemed to be lost forever as with so many other Star Wars websites. I really like his style and began seeking Andrew out to see if I could provide a gallery of work here at Galactic Voyage. It took several years, but with the ability to find others using Twitter and Facebook, I was finally able to locate Andrew. He has graciously allowed me to provide his artwork once again to Star Wars fans.

A word from Andrew:

"Andrew's Star Wars Site began its humble existence in the run-up to Episode 1; it originally existed as an exercise in web design as this was an area in which I wanted to evolve my design skills. I was at this time an experienced Photoshop user and had recently discovered Bryce (A landscape modeling application) it seemed inevitable that my interests in art and Star Wars would be combined and thus ASWS evolved into a site that provided and encouraged Star Wars fan art."

Digital Art

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