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Archived News-March 2006

Week 5

Friday March 31, 2006
Sideshow Darth Maul Figure

Sideshow Collectibles has posted a preview image of their latest 12-inch figure. Well, sort of. It is really a 6-inch figure. You have heard him say: "At last we will have revenge." As Darth Sidious' prime pupil, Darth Maul is a fearsome foe for the Jedi of the Republic. Preview the next addition to Sideshow's Star Wars line-up: Final Battle Darth Maul as he was last seen in the memorable 'Duel of the Fates' sequence in Episode 1: The Phantom Menace! Be sure to go have a look at this figure, because you might be surprised!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Friday March 31, 2006
Homing Beacon #158

The latest Homing Beacon has arrived and today we get to talk about the race for the presidency of the Star Wars Fan Club. Asteroid Beltway pundits have been closely watching the heated race for the presidency of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club. Despite the fact that Corellian pollsters have been reluctant to quote the odds of the outcome, the Homing Beacon has pegged two clear front-runners in a race that is still up for grabs.

If the election were held tomorrow... well, there'd be a lot of confusion, because this presidency is not determined by election. Rather, it's part of a recruitment contest currently being held by Hyperspace. The fan who recruits the most members into the Fan Club will be awarded with the title for a year, an all-expense paid trip to Comic-Con International 2006 in San Diego, a guest editor position for an issue of Star Wars Insider, online VIP status and more.

Running neck-and-neck for the high office are Tommy "uscwannabe" Costabile and Dustin "" Roberts, outspoken candidates who are reaching out to the fan community to make their dreams of presidency a reality.

"Well obviously, my track record speaks for itself. I stand head, shoulders, knees and toes above the other... wait a second. There's other people competing?!" said Roberts, who has announced stalwart astromech R2-D2 as his running mate.

Costabile, bedecked in a natty black robe, is running alone despite past proclamations that there should always be two, a master and apprentice. "I have the ability to run this presidency in this post Clone War-era, which is essential to the preservation of the peace the great Emperor Palpatine has created. I myself have overheard the Emperor discussing the Senate's dissolution. Too many people in power leads to horrific, horrific situations. I can assure this will not be the case while I'm around! I offer a future!" Costabile punctuated his statements with protracting cackling and impressive display of static electricity.

Though both candidates have varying views on the tough issues of Gungan-control, Jedi marriages, and the teaching of midi-chlorians in school, they are in agreement that the Fan Club President position should belong to a true Star Wars fan.

"When you say a 'real fan,' which do you mean?" asked Roberts, known to some as DLR. "Those über-dorky, forum-trolling, Natalie-drooling, lightsaber-waving fans, or the film school elitist that can explain the hegemonic ethos of the Jedi? Cuz' I can relate to them all. They're my peeps!"

"Having a president that doesn't know much about Star Wars would be the equivalent of putting C-3PO in charge of the Jedi Order," said Costabile. "It must not happen!"

Roberts has been making waves by enlisting a number of fan sites to spread his message of presidency. "There's no one else that can be more DLR-er than I. You may have some Dustins running, or some Robertses. But when it comes right down to it, just remember you can't spell 'leader' without DLR."

Costabile is not fazed at all by Roberts' campaigning, and balks at any notion of campaign spending caps. "When Empreror Palpatine was just a Chancellor fighting the oppression of the Separatists, did anyone tell him we didn't have enough money? No way, Weequay!"

Though both stand at the top of the frequently updating leaderboard that is tracking current recruitment levels, the contest is still wide open. The presidency could go to you, newsletter reader, if you know of fans, friends and family that would be willing to enter your screen name as the person who prompted them to sign up or renew their Hyperspace membership. Besides, a year's worth of Hyperspace makes a great gift... and according to our crafty astromech's calculations, a run for the presidency may actually be cheaper than a flight and accommodations at this year's Comic-Con...

...But we'll leave that kind of calculation to the politically minded. The contest continues until May, and till then, it's anybody's guess as to who will step up to the enormous podium in the Hyperspace rotunda and address his dellow felegates.

"This is what we're fighting for," says Costabile. "To be the leader of the greatest Fan Club in the history of Fan Clubs!"

Posted by: Jedi Power

Friday March 31, 2006
Path to the Force - Episode 67

Today we have Episode 67 of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force which has been created by Nathan Ciprick. You will be able to access these stories through the Comics section. Check out the latest episode!

Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force-Episode 67

Be sure to join us next week for the sixty-eighth episode of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force. Then join us every week as we continue to follow the adventures of the Wookiee E'nac from the Star Wars Galaxies videogame in the form of Gamics!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Thursday March 30, 2006 Troubles

Steve to leave Read on...

"I am sad to say that due to irreconcilable differences between myself and ACTION Online (who hosts and owns the domain), I have to part with my own creation, "". I started the site back in 1995 as a collector and joined with ACTION Online in 1999, who now owns all the rights to it (it was the best decision at the time to keep the site going). has always been a team effort from fellow collectors, the staff, the mods and I appreciate all the support I have received over the years. This is not the end of "SirSteve", just the end of me running "". I will be starting a new site devoted to everything Action Figures and Collectibles rather than just Star Wars and run by collectors, for collectors. I have no idea what is to become of the domain "" or who will be running it (if anyone). I know I have not been the most active "forum" user but maintaining the site takes a lot of time. I have done everything from the graphics, web design, content, photography and so on which take a great deal of time. That's why I have trusted staff members to take care of the forums. I hate for it to come down like this but it will be for the best in the end. I have met a lot of great people while doing this and I would not trade it for anything.

My official last day will be April 15th. Look for the new site at that will launch April 16th at 12:01 am EST and I will see you there!"

I wonder what will happen to when Steve leaves the scene? Will it stay or will it go? Either way, at least his talents and information about collectibles will still be available at a new domain.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Wednesday March 29, 2006
Movies Section Update

Today I have updated the Movies Section with two more TV Commercials. The first is the Pringles-"Win the Jedi Challenge" commercial. In this commercial, a Star Wars and Pringles fan in the U.K. pops the top to find a Jedi weapon... but even a chip-laden lightsaber may not be enough to stop a hungry Wookiee.

The second is the Diet Pepsi-"Call Upon Yoda" commercial. In this commercial, Yoda uses the Force to acquire some lunch. Somewhere in the Jedi Code, there must be something written about letting a Jedi Master get a Diet Pepsi.

Both are really good, but the Yoda commercial made me laugh. Enjoy!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Tuesday March 28, 2006
New On-Line Game Added!

Today I have added another on-line game to Galactic Voyage! Starship Akuno-Skimmer Challenge is the latest addition! You have seen the Fan Film, now play the game! Fly the skimmer through Ring-Gates, but watch out for those asteroids! Enjoy!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Monday March 27, 2006
Could Sony Lose Galaxies?

Galaxies.jpg (112371 bytes)GameSpot has announced that it is possible that Sony Online Entertainment could lose Star Wars Galaxies. Of all the Star Wars games, Galaxies has been the most controversial. After releasing it to mixed reviews in 2003, Sony Online Entertainment was criticized for completely overhauling the massively multiplayer online role-playing game's combat system in Spring 2005. The publisher drew even more criticism last November when it implemented a series of allegedly buggy new game enhancements that eliminated several character classes.

Given Galaxies' bumpy ride, and the fact that many game contracts expire after three years, it is not inconceivable that LucasArts, holder of all Star Wars rights, might want to shop around the license. According to informed sources in the industry, that's exactly what the company is doing. Two shops have been mentioned as talking with LucasArts--Cryptic Studios, home to MMORPG City of Heroes, and Canada-based BioWare, maker of the action RPG Jade Empire. Be sure to read the full article for more information.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Monday March 27, 2006
Path to the Force - Episode 66

Today we have Episode 66 of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force which has been created by Nathan Ciprick. You will be able to access these stories through the Comics section. Check out the latest episode!

Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force-Episode 66

Be sure to check back later this week for the sixty-seventh episode of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force. Then join us every week as we continue to follow the adventures of the Wookiee E'nac from the Star Wars Galaxies videogame in the form of Gamics!

Posted by: Jedi Power