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Archived News-March 2006

Week 2

Friday March 10, 2006
Sideshow's Qui-Gon Jinn Figure

Sideshow Collectibles has posted a preview image of their next 12-inch figure from their Jedi series. It will be Qui-Gon Jinn! Priority Pre-orders start March 17th between 10 & 10:30 PST. To qualify for Priority Pre-ordering, you must be a Newsletter Subscriber and Sideshow Account Holder by Thursday March 17, 2006, 11:59PM PST. Be sure to go have a look at this outstanding figure!

Qui-Gon Jinn 12

Posted by: Jedi Power

Friday March 10, 2006
Path to the Force - Episode 61

Today we have Episode 61 of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force which has been created by Nathan Ciprick. You will be able to access these stories through the Comics section. Check out the latest episode!

Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force-Episode 61

Be sure to join us next week for the sixty-second episode of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force. Then join us every week as we continue to follow the adventures of the Wookiee E'nac from the Star Wars Galaxies videogame in the form of Gamics!

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Thursday March 09, 2006
June 2006 Comics

Star Wars Rebellion-My Brother My Enemy 3.jpg (66696 bytes)The Official Star Wars Site has provided a look at what Dark Horse Comics has in store for Star Wars fans in June. The greatest starfighters of the Rebel Alliance become the defenders of a New Republic in this massive collection of X-Wing: Rogue Squadron stories featuring Wedge Antilles, hero of the Battle of Endor, and his team of ace pilots known throughout the galaxy.

Meet the Rogues for the first time and learn the fate of the galaxy immediately after the events of Return of the Jedi as the Rebellion's best pilots battle remnants of the Empire wherever its ugly agenda of fear and domination appears. Along with the critically acclaimed X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair this jam-packed volume contains tons of material never-before-collected, including Star Wars: X-wing Rogue Leader, The Rebel Opposition, and Star Wars Handbook: X-Wing Rogue Squadron.

Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron -- Volume 1 is almost 300 pages in length. It is scheduled for release on June 3. It features the works of Haden Blackman, Michael Stackpole, Mike Baron, Darko Macan, Peet Janes, Toomas Giorello, Edvin Biukovic, Gary Erskine, Arthur Adams, Steve Crespo, Doug Mahnke and more.

The future of Star Wars is here in Legacy #1, an all-new series set more than a century after Return of the Jedi and the New Jedi Order!

The Jedi Temple is attacked, an Emperor is betrayed, and the Sith are born anew! A lot can happen in a hundred years, but all of the above happens just in this first issue! Not since Luke Skywalker first stepped aboard the Millennium Falcon has the galaxy seemed like such a vast, exciting, dangerous place!

This is a perfect jumping-on point for any reader -- an epic beginning to an untold chapter of the greatest adventure in the universe! Star Wars: Legacy #1 features the work of John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons and Brad Anderson with a cover by Adam Hughes. It is due out on June 7.

The Empire has infiltrated the command ship of the Rebel fleet with a sleeper agent -- and he's just woken up!? Now, the lives of everyone onboard are in jeopardy, along with the entire Alliance cause. Too bad the young hero Luke Skywalker is nowhere to be found. Having received a coded message from Imperial officer Janek "Tank" Sunber, Luke's hijacked a shuttle against orders, determined to find his old friend -- even if it means delivering himself straight into an Imperial trap!

Star Wars: Rebellion: My Brother, My Enemy #3 is by Rob Williams, Brandon Badeaux and Wil Glass. It is scheduled for release on June 14.

Padawan Zayne Carrick faces off against the Jedi Masters hunting him in this shocking finale to the "Commencement" storyline! Something is rotten in the Jedi Council on Taris, but the only ones closest to the truth are a vagabond, a criminal, a droid, and Zayne -- now in the custody of the same Jedi falsely accusing him of murdering his fellow Padawan. It's going to take more than foolish bravery to get Zayne out of this one. Too bad that's all he's got!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #6 is by John Jackson Miller, Brian Ching, Michael Atiyeh and Travis Charest. It is scheduled for release on June 28.

In July, cap off your collection of Clone Wars chronicles with the ninth installment of Dark Horse's Star Wars: Clone Wars trade paperbacks, subtitled Endgame. Witness the untold stories of the Jedi who took a last stand against Emperor Palpatine in the moments during, and immediately after, the events in Revenge of the Sith! Watch Darth Vader undertake a Jedi "purge" of his own in the hunt for Obi-Wan Kenobi!

In the jungles of the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk, Quinlan Vos wages a battle of impossible odds against his own troops to protect his loved ones. On the icy Outer Rim world of Toola, Jedi Master Kai Huddora takes a terrified Padawan into his charge after her own Master falls to Order 66. Amidst the forests of New Plymto, Das Jennir finds himself in league with a band of rebels he'd led attacks against only days before. Not all Jedi are scattered across the galaxy however, and soon, a brave few will plot to topple Sith rule... by setting a trap for the newly unveiled Darth Vader

This volume proves that while the Clone Wars have ended, the fight for the fate of the Jedi has just begun! Featuring the works of John Ostrander, Welles Hartley, Jan Duursema, Doug Wheatley, Dan Parsons, Brad Anderson, Chris Chuckry and Tom Giorello, Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 9: Endgame is set to go on sale July 26.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Wednesday March 08, 2006
Star Wars TV Update

IGN has an interesting article about George Lucas wanting the Star Wars TV shows to have a wide audience appeal. Now could be a very good time for George Lucas's two anticipated television series set in the Star Wars universe. Thanks to shows like Battlestar Galactica and Lost, sci-fi and speculative themes are really getting noticed. Lucasfilm's fan relations man, Steve Sansweet, emphasized recently that carving a niche in the crowded world of TV would be a challenge, but one that Lucasfilm would meet by creating a compelling show.

"Somebody has to buy it first, you know what I mean," Sansweet explained to Movie Web. "You can produce lots of TV and unless it's very compelling, nobody's going to want to put it on their channel. But there's so many channels of distribution. You turn around and every six months there's something new. There's iPod downloads, there's premium sites, there's through-the-telephone. You just don't know what's going to be here in a couple of years. In three years, what's going to be the hot new way of distributing? So I think that's always a possibility. Clearly you want to do something that's going to get to as many fans as possible that's as wide as possible."

"I really think you can do [dynamic action] in episodic TV now," says Sansweet. "It's interesting because a lot of the techniques that George used in Episode 1, for example, were things that he developed in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles some of the special effects techniques of crowd, doubling, tripling, quadrupling the size. With computer animation and storage and rendering getting faster and faster, I think you'll be able to see some of the things you see in the movies be transferred to the TV. Look at some of the shows like Galactica and some of the other shows that have amazing special effects."

The computer-animated Star Wars series is currently in pre-production, with scripts in development and animation tests underway. That show, which is to be set during the Clone Wars, should begin airing in the fall of 2007.

The second series, a live-action show, will be composed of one-hour episodes, with 100 hours of story initially charted. The story takes place after Revenge of the Sith but before A New Hope. No timeframe for production or airing has been officially mentioned yet. For the full scoop, be sure to read the article in its entirety.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Tuesday March 07, 2006
Allegiance Star Destroyer added to the Ships Section

Today I have added the Allegiance Star Destroyer to the ships section. You can get a listing of ships using their picture by type at the Ships Section. Or, if you would like to see an alphabetical listing of all of our ships, you can check out the Ship Index. Enjoy!

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Tuesday March 07, 2006
New Fan Art

Glenn Betts has just submitted a couple more Fan Art creations. Thanks Glenn! They are entitled: "Padawans! Your Lightsabers Ignite...", and "Qui-Gon Grants Prophesy." These pieces and others can be found over at the Fan Art section. Enjoy!

Glenn Betts-Padawans Your Lightsabers Ignite.jpg (99141 bytes) Glenn Betts-Qui-Gon Grants Prophesy.jpg (62077 bytes)

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Monday March 06, 2006
Path to the Force - Episode 60

Today we have Episode 60 of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force which has been created by Nathan Ciprick. You will be able to access these stories through the Comics section. Check out the latest episode!

Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force-Episode 60

Be sure to check back later this week for the sixty-first episode of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force. Then join us every week as we continue to follow the adventures of the Wookiee E'nac from the Star Wars Galaxies videogame in the form of Gamics!

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Monday March 06, 2006
Attakus' Millennium Falcon Diorama

The Official Star Wars Site has announced the new Attakus Millennium Falcon Diorama! When Attakus announced last year that they would be producing a new series of high-end 4-inch pewter figurines called "The Star Wars Metal Collection," fans and collectors were intrigued by the possibilities of a scaled-down, finely crafted line of painted sculptures roughly matching the size of Hasbro's action figure line. What took everyone by surprise, however, was the fact that Attakus would be producing enormous dioramas to house these figures, designed on a scale and with a level of detail unprecedented within the hobby. The sheer size of the first in the series, the Millennium Falcon Death Star Diorama, is truly staggering to behold, measuring a robust 68"L x 26.5"W x 17.5"H. Be sure to see more pictures and read the full article!

Posted by: Jedi Power