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Archived News
July 2001

7.31.01 If Anakin is too old to begin the training at nine, why was it okay to train Luke who was much older?

7.31.01 Will we understand why the Jedi disappear? Probably not!

7.26.01 Jedi Power goes to a family reunion!

7.25.01 My friends and I have been debating this forever. Why didn't Luke use his lightsaber to cut his way out of the Death Star's garbage masher? And who shouts out the trash compactor number in A New Hope?

7.24.01 Comic-Con News!

7.23.01 Elektro's One World!

7.22.01 Galactic Fanatic for the 4th week of July 2001

7.22.01 Comic-Con Confirms Rumors!

7.21.01 Don't Forget! Apply Now!

7.20.01 I don't see Christopher Walken or Gabriel Byrne in the Episode II cast list. What happened to their parts?

7.19.01 Episode II Select is here!

7.19.01 Episode II Confirmations!

7.18.01 Elektro's Kenobi!

7.18.01 The Phantom Menace on TV!

7.17.01 Star Wars Goodies at Comic-Con!

7.17.01 New Insider Pictures Available!

7.15.01 Galactic Fanatic for the 3rd week of July 2001

7.15.01 Poll Results and a New Poll Added!

7.14.01 New Guy Lagacé "Probeshot" Picture!

7.14.01 We hear about the boy's stunts, but did you have the chance on Episode II to work with Natalie Portman's character in action?

7.13.01 Anakin and the Dark Side!

7.13.01 Homing Beacon #39!

7.13.01 Episode I DVD Offer!

7.13.01 Anakin in Episode II Select!

7.12.01 Star Wars.com Updates Database!

7.12.01 Buy Lucasfilm Sound Effects!

7.11.01 Star Wars Comics!

7.10.01 Be on the lookout!

7.10.01 Count Dooku's great line!

7.10.01 TKE's Non-Sense Select

7.9.01 Galactic Fanatic for the 2nd week of July 2001

7.9.01 Jedinet gets a new look!

7.7.01 Simon Jeffery Chat!

7.7.01 Toys R' Us Clearance Sale!

7.7.01 Star Wars Fan Sued by LFL!

7.7.01 I am interested in your concept behind the propulsion system of the Gungan bongo sub. Did I read somewhere that Japanese researchers are involved in a project somewhat similar?

7.6.01 Mace's take on Insider #55!

7.6.01 Star Wars Insider #55!

7.6.01 New Episode II Select!

7.6.01 T'Bone's Interview With Alan Dean Foster! (Part2)

7.4.01 Happy 4th of July!

7.4.01 Episode II footage to explain Episode V Bounty Hunter scene?

7.3.01 T'Bone's Interview With Alan Dean Foster!

7.3.01 Star Wars.com Updates!

7.2.01 Affiliate News!

7.1.01 Galactic Fanatic for the 1st week of July 2001!

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