A Story Written on a History Worksheet
by: Padawan Filorux & Princess Leia (or DessyX)

Disclaimer: The usual chores, everything belongs to the one and only man – George Lucas. Except for the touch of X-Men which belongs to Marvel.

We are under attack!!! By Sith Lords!


They are going to crush us, grind us into bits!! (what Obi said to Jar Jar)

And kill us with windows (he should have said this)

Aargh! The windows!

Oh no, it's Darth Vader!

And he'll grind us into 1 thousand bits.

No, he'll chop us into

… and mush us and crush us …

Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi. You are our only hope!

I have sent this droid. Please … help us Obi- …

Sorry, Qui-Gon grounded me for coming home at 1 o'clock last night.

…You're our only hope … help us …

Master, hear that, I'm their only hope. Pleeeeease, can I go? I promise I'll come home early this time!

YOU'RE GROUNDED! And you have an exam tomorrow. Go study!!

But I want to-

No, you are not going out, end of the story.


Your face will stick like that one day.

But Master, those kids are under attack by the evil windows. They need my help! Pleeeeeeeeeeeas! Maaaster! (Giving the Master the most disarming pleading smile he could manage)

--sign-- that's just a sorry excuse for not wanting to stay at home.

Help us…

It's coming to attack us!

Hear that? They are real! The evil window is going to hurt them! Darth Vader is going to grind them into bit! He's going to poke his lightsaber through them. Didn't you hear? I thought you liked to help pathetic life forms!


Yes Master?

How many Tim-Tams did you have today?

(whispering) 3 packs.

3 PACKS!!! You mean you didn't left any for me?

(a sheepish grin)

Alright, you can go out tonight. Don't expect you to get any work done after consuming so much sugar. Just remember to bring me a cope of X-Men comics.

Master? How do you k-

(winking) Because I'm your Master, have fun.

Thank you Master! I love you! (happily left the apartment)

(shaking his head with a smile) Teenagers…