Star Wars: The 1977 Premiere
by: Malik Roberts

Disclaimer: I do not plan to make any money off of this fan fiction or to own the characters from Star Wars.

It was a beautiful Spring afternoon. May 24, 1977, one day before one of the most phenomenally popular movies of all time broke all box-office records at Mann's Chinese Theater. (Please be aware, this is NOT the actual STAR WARS theme!) One day, Carrie Fisher and her friend were looking for what Carrie thought were presentable dresses, and boy were they presentable! Carrie looked at a very elegant dress tailored by Christian Dior. "My goodness, Lynn, look at this dress! Isn't it pretty?" said Carrie. "Wow, it'll fit you perfectly!" exclaimed Lynn. "By the way, what does it cost?" "$99," answered Carrie. Lynn said, "God, that's cheap! What is this place, the Goodwill?" "No, it's not the Goodwill. Let's go and check out." They did so by going to the cashier. The cashier said, "$99". Carrie gave the cashier a $100 bill she earned from her mother. She was received a bag from the cashier that read, Have a Nice Day! When they walked out the door, Lynn told Carrie, " I gotta go home. My father's waiting for me at home, so we can run errands together." "See you later," Carrie said. Lynn got on a bus headed home.

A few minutes later, a black Rolls-Royce picked Carrie up from the Department Store. She got inside. Then, she hung her dress up on a hanger. She was sitting
beside a man, name of Mark Hamill. Harrison Ford was driving, or didn't want to drive the car, because he wanted to drive the Millennium Falcon instead. "I have a really bad feeling about this," said Carrie. "About what?" Mark asked. "The fact that we'll be being laid eyes upon by billions and billions of people," Carrie answered. "Oh, that", Mark said. Before they knew it, they were at a house that Mark and Harrison bought for $700,000. "This big property for $700,000!" Carrie exclaimed. When they got home, Carrie, Mark, and Harrison all went to the living room to play Uno for a while. Since he was the pro at the game and he had been playing again and again, Mark won most of the games. Harrison felt horrible because he had lost every game. Carrie, on the other hand, didn't feel horrible. They all said together, "I'm going to bed. I wanna look my best for the premiere tomorrow night." So it was lights out for all of them.

May 25, 1977. The big night. Billions of people were awaiting the people behind Star Wars. Even ABC, CBS, and NBC were at the premiere, awaiting the presence of the cast and crew. First, George Lucas arrived. The audience went WILD. Soon Carrie, Mark, and Harrison stepped out of a black stretch limousine, bathed in thunderous applause so much they couldn't stand it. Later, after all the people arrived, they ordered popcorn. Carrie, Mark, and Harrison ordered 3 bucket-sized popcorn bags, filled with so much popcorn they could all make a pit stop right in the middle of the film.

During a scene, Mark and Carrie were taking their time eating their popcorn, like people with real etiquette would do. Harrison was stuffing his mouth full of popcorn so some of the popcorn fell to the ground and got on nice, new, and polished loafers that people were wearing. Some of the audience planned to sue Harrison, believe it or not. Carrie elbowed him on his left shoulder. Mark was quietly sipping his medium-sized Coke. "Harrison," Carrie whispered, "where's your
manners?" "Oh, sorry". Out of nowhere Chewbacca appeared. "RAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!" "AAH, all right, all right, all RIGHT!" Harrison moaned.

After the movie, Carrie, Mark and Harrison all said good-bye to each other until they would be called back in to start filming the upcoming "The Empire Strikes Back" on March 4, 1979.