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Trade Federation AAT

(Armored Attack Tank)

Craft: Baktoid Armor Workshop's (AAT)
Type: Armored Assault Tank
Height: 9.75 Meters
Turret Laser Cannon
Twin Range-Finding Lasers
Twin Anti-Personnel Lasers
6 Energy Shell Projectile Launchers
Crew: 1 Commander, 1 Pilot, and 2 Gunners (All Battle Droids)
Top Speed: 55 Kilometers per hour
Troop Capacity: Up to 6 Battle Droids
Cargo Capacity: 50 Kilograms
Passengers: Up to 6

The terrifying and heavily-armed battle tank deployed by the Trade Federation to conquer other worlds. Floating on a series of powerful repulsorlift engines, the AAT decimates enemy targets with a wide range of weapons, including a diverse selection of energy shells and formidable primary laser cannon. The tank’s thick armor protects it from nearly all counterattacks. Like many other Trade Federation craft, the AAT is operated by a crew of battle droids guided by signals from the orbiting droid control ship.

The AAT is one of the most formidable weapons in the Trade Federation army. Aside from the powerful primary and auxiliary laser cannons, the AAT can carry a variety of powerful shells, including "bunker buster" high explosives, armor-piercing shells, and standard high-energy shells. As the shells are launched from any of the AAT’s six launch tubes, they are encased in plasma, increasing both speed and penetration. When an AAAT deploys its payload, it must return to a landing ship or battleship. Once the tank is securely aboard a larger vessel, the lower portion of the AAT is completely removed and replaced with a loaded version.

Aside from direct assault on enemy troops and structures, the AAT can also be used to carry battle droids into combat. Three handholds on either side of the tank allow for up to six battle droids to attach to the sides of the vehicle.

Because it is designed for frontal assaults, the AAT’s main reactor and vital systems are installed in the rear of the craft for protection. The crew is stationed in a small cockpit, protected by layers of thick armor. As with other Trade Federation vehicles, a pilot battle droid guides the AAT after receiving orders directly from the droid control ship. Two gunners receive targeting information from the pilot. Under normal conditions, the pilot battle droid gathers visual data with a stereoscopic camera and periscope scanner, but the droid can open a front hatch for direct visual sighting in the event the camera is damaged.

The invasion of Naboo, and the following battle, marked the first true combat use of the terrifying AATs. However, the vehicles had been widely tested prior to deployment on Naboo. As a result, many AATs appeared battle-scarred long before arriving on the peaceful planet.

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