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Archived News

September 2000

9.30.00 New Episode II Character!

9.29.00 Labria and R4-M9 Added to the Characters Section!

9.28.00 Episode II Select-What is it?

9.27.00 Major Spoilers!!! Major Battles!

9.26.00 More on Yoda and Sidious!

9.25.00 Episode II Spaceship!

9.25.00 New Poll Added!

9.24.00 Ponda Baba Added to the Characters Section!

9.23.00 Lucasfilm Magazine #25!

9.22.00 Dr. Evazan Added to the Characters Section!


9.21.00 Lightsabers in Episode II Select!

9.20.00 Does the Emperor have a Weapon?

9.19.00 Elstree Filming Done?

9.18.00 Hi there! I’m curious to know if there is a way to somehow learn more about Darth Maul as far as his species and anyone avenging his death?

9.17.00 Figrin Da'n Added to the Characters Section!

9.16.00 Nien Nunb Added to the Characters Section!

9.15.00 Fett in Episode II Select!

9.14.00 General Carlist Rieekan Added to the Characters Section!

9.14.00 Spain Wrap-Up!

9.13.00 Update! More Info on the Battle Sequence!

9.12.00 Boba Fett's Role in Episode II

9.11.00 Have you ever put any jokes or "easter eggs" in your animatics clips to see if George Lucas will notice?

9.10.00 New Episode II Photos!

9.9.00 Interesting News About Amidala!

9.8.00 Filming Down Under Update!

9.8.00 Episode II Select Updated!

9.7.00 How much does the use of bluescreen affect the size and building process of the sets?

9.6.00 Still Filming Down Under?

9.5.00 Lucas on Episode II!

9.4.00 Jack Thompson's Role!

9.3.00 If You Snooze, You Lose!

9.2.00 New Power of the Jedi Figures!

9.1.00 Can Sidious Go It Alone?

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