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Archived News-May 2005

Week 5

Tuesday May 31, 2005
Star Wars Strikes

Fans can practice using the Force at their favorite bowling centers with exclusive balls as they compete in the upcoming Star Wars Strike Force Bowling League. Over 1,000 participating centers throughout the U.S and over 100 centers in the United Kingdom will host the Star Wars Strike Force Bowling League starting in August through the fall.

"The only requirement to join is to be a Star Wars fan and a desire to have a lot of fun," Strike Ten/Leading Edge Promotions Executive Vice-Present John Harbuck says. "Participating centers will be offering various league formats including youth leagues, adult leagues and also family leagues to ensure that every Star Wars fan can participate in a bowling league that fits their lifestyle."

As an exclusive perk to joining the league, members can purchase exclusive Strike Ten/Leading Edge Promotions bowling balls that feature scenes from all six films of the Star Wars saga, including the epic duel on Mustafar between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi from Revenge of the Sith.

"Our seven-ball collection features a design from each of the six Star Wars films episodes plus a seventh design that features the courageous women of Star Wars -- Padmé Amidala and her daughter Princess Leia," Harbuck reveals. "We felt that featuring a design from each of the six episodes would allow us to offer a unique collection plus feature the popular characters from each of the films."

In addition to the balls, league members can also purchase a special bowling ball bag featuring the Dark Lord himself -- Darth Vader.

Strike Ten/Leading Edge Promotions will also be offering a secondary merchandise package for bowlers who may not want a bowling ball. This package features a life-size Darth Vader standee, a Star Wars baseball cap and a Star Wars Movie Poster collection featuring the original poster art from all six Star War films. The movie posters are full-sized and come in a handy collectors tube.

"What we hope is that participants in the Star Wars Strike Force will come away from this experience having met a group of really nice people who share a common interest in Star Wars, had a blast bowling with them plus they get one of most unique and exclusive Star Wars collectibles available," Harbuck says.

Of course, while fans participate in the league they're encouraged to decide once and for all: who in the Star Wars galaxy happens to be the best bowler.

"C-3PO is too stiff, his limited mobility would result in too many gutterballs," Harbuck suggests. "R2-D2 might be a crowd favorite but proper grip and finger placement is a must and he might have a problem with the three-hole fingertip grip. Jar Jar Binks, forget about it. I'd have to go with the Master Jedi himself -- Yoda."

Stay tuned to for upcoming information on how you can sign up to join a Star Wars Strike Force Bowling League in your area.


Posted by: StarWarsGuru

Tuesday May 31, 2005
Star Wars Masters Thesis

Today we have added a Star Wars Masters Thesis from Benoit Bertrand. Thanks for the great addition Benoit! Here is what he said:


"In 1999-2000 I wrote a Master's Thesis on Star Wars (very good pass). The exact title is "From Fall to Redemption: Christianity and the Hero's Quest in Star Wars". It was composed at a French University. I wanted to wait the release of Episode III to make it known, for I wanted to know what exactly happened to Vader. But in fact, the back story was explicit enough in the original trilogy, so that I did not have to modify my work. What my Master's thesis does, is to explore the archectypes at the core of the original trilogy, and to study how those archetypes touch the spectactors (the cinematographic devices). It also tries to decipher the final message delivered in Return of the Jedi. I'm now presenting this study to you, in case you, and/or the people visiting your website, might be interested. The Master's thesis is here enclosed in a PDF file. I hope you'll find it interesting..."

"Keep on doing a great job with your site!"

Take care!

You can download and read his thesis in PDF format. If you do not have the free Adobe PDF reader, you can get it using the link below.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Sunday May 29, 2005
Custom General Grievous Action Figure

Now, from looking at the dates these were posted, these are sort of old...but totally worth sharing. These may not be the best looking action figure....but they are damn good for a custom one, take a look at these 2 General Grievous action figure (from different angles but same figure):

Now look at this fantastic Mace Windu figure from the Clone Wars:

The Mace Windu figure is comprised of different parts of other Star Wars action figures.

All this and more of the fantastic figures can be found here.

Posted by: General Grievous