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Week 3

Friday July 20, 2007
Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed Emmy Nominations

The Official Star Wars Site has announced that The History Channel special, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed, was honored today by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with three Emmy Award nominations.

Director Kevin Burns was nominated for Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming. Burns, David Comtois and Steven Smith were recognized with a nomination for Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming. The special also earned a nomination for Outstanding Nonfiction Special.

The two-hour special was produced in celebration of 30 years of the Star Wars saga. It premiered on May 28, and uncovered the fascinating, and sometimes surprising, historical, political and mythological connections that exist within the Star Wars saga. Through interviews with politicians, academics, journalists and critics -- all of whom weigh in on the enduring appeal of George Lucas's creations -- the special demonstrated that Star Wars isn't just a high-action adventure in space.

For a complete list of nominations, visit the official site of the Emmy Awards here. The Primetime Emmys air on Sunday, September 16 on FOX.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Friday July 20, 2007
Homing Beacon #192

The latest Homing Beacon has arrived and today we talk about what you can expect from Comic-Con. With all the excitement around Celebration Europe, and the recent Force Unleashed trailer unveiling at E3, don't forget that Comic-Con International is next week! At a glance, here are some of the exciting things Star Wars fans can look forward to in San Diego:
  • Lucasfilm returns to the convention floor with a huge Star Wars you can't miss, complete with licensees, LucasArts, and Star Wars Shop, all celebrating 30 years of Star Wars and all that is to come
  • Official Pix will have autograph celebrities in the booth -- expect an update on the guest list soon, but we do know Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) will be there Thursday through Sunday and Matthew Wood (General Grievous) will be there Friday through Sunday.
  • There will be a display of select helmets from the Vader Project
  • Also in the pavilion, an autograph session (to be scheduled), with actors from the upcoming movie Fanboys
  • On Thursday, from 1:30 - 3:30 in Hall H, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies will present a sneak peek at their upcoming films, including a special segment of the presentation dedicated to the new Indiana Jones movie
  • Friday is Star Wars Day, with Star Wars-themed panels throughout the day (see below).
  • Steve Sansweet, Head of Fan Relations, will present the major Lucasfilm piece on Friday from 5-6 pm in Hall H
  • Don't miss the Fanboys panel on Thursday featuring some of the talent from the forthcoming Star Wars-themed comedy. It's Thursday from 6-7 pm in Room 6 CDEF
  • Sunday is kids' day at Comic-Con, and Bonnie Burton, Tom Hodges, and Matt Busch will be teaching one of their great "How to Draw Star Wars" classes for kids on Sunday from 12:30 -- 1:30 in Room 30 CDE
  • Troy Alders of Lucas Licensing will be doing artist portfolio reviews on Sunday from 11am -- 2 pm in the portfolio review area.
  • Official Pix is hosting an Official Star Wars Fan Club breakfast Saturday morning from 6:30 -- 8:30 at the Marriott Hotel & Marina next door to the Convention Center.

And there's bound to more as fans gather to continue the year-long celebration of the saga's 30th anniversary. The souvenir program book for the show has a Star Wars cover by popular comic artist Adam Hughes, too. Look closely, and you might spot the key members of Lucasfilm's Fan Relations team lurking in the background of this great art piece.

Star Wars Day Schedule:


Great Star Wars Books and Book News (10:30-11:30am) Room 1AB
Join J.W. Rinzler, author of the recently-released The Making of Star Wars as he hurtles you back in time for a one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes look at the nearly decade-long quest of George Lucas and his key collaborators to make the "little" movie that became a phenomenon. Stephen J. Sansweet, author of the upcoming The Star Wars Vault, will talk about collecting the amazing, never-before-published artifacts that will be part of each copy of the new book. Finally, Keith Clayton (Editor, Del Rey) will reveal an exclusive announcement on an upcoming Star Wars title from Del Rey and LucasBooks, just for audience members at Comic-Con!

What's New, and What's Coming at Hasbro (11:30am-12:30pm) Room 1AB
Come for first announcements about Hasbro's products that you might not hear anywhere else, plus a special sneak preview of the 2008 product line. Meet members of Hasbro's Star Wars marketing and design teams -- the talented people who work on the company's Attacktix, Titanium, and Star Wars action figure line. Question & Answer time included!

Star Wars: LucasArts (12:30 - 1:30pm) Room 1AB
Celebrate twenty-five years of LucasArts videogames and learn about the past, present, and future by attending this panel with key LucasArts producers. See what LucasArts has in store, then ask your own questions in a Q&A session.

Star Wars Robot Chicken Sets & Toys (1:30-2:30pm) Room 1AB
As Production Designer for the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Special, Jed Hathaway researched and designed each miniature set with exact replication and utmost detail. In this discussion, Hathaway will explain the basics of designing sets, props and vehicles for stop-motion animation. An in-depth behind the scenes video will show how his team brought the Star Wars universe to life, and show various comparisons between the special and the original Star Wars Saga. There will be a 20-minute presentation video followed by a question and answer session.

Star Wars at 30 Years with Steve Sansweet (5:00 -- 6:00 pm) Hall H
This summer marks the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars Saga, and its indelible influence on popular culture. We've got 30 years of great memories thanks to the galaxy far, far away, but there are also great things to come, too. Join Lucasfilm's Steve Sansweet for a little Star Wars nostalgia, a review of the 30th anniversary year so far, and a look at what's new and what's coming for Star Wars.

Star Wars Trivia (6:30-7:30pm) Room 1AB
Members of the San Diego Star Wars Society, veteran hosts of great Star Wars trivia game shows at Comic-Con International in 2004, 2005, and 2006 are planning another trivia challenge for all fans who think they know their stuff about the galaxy far, far away.

As always, last-minute schedule changes may occur, so be sure to check on-site scheduling on the day. For more information about San Diego Comic-Con International, visit the official site here:

Posted by: Jedi Power

Friday July 20, 2007
Hyperspace Membership Kits Coming To A Mailbox Near You

After being detained in a series of Imperial entanglements and chased by smugglers across the Outer Rim, the Official Star Wars Fan Club membership kits have finally materialized on this side of our own galaxy. Next month, the first batch of kits is scheduled to be mailed out from our Southern California fulfillment house to all fans whose memberships or renewals run through December 31, 2007.

The Star Wars Fan Club apologizes for the delay in sending the kits, but hopes you'll be pleased with the contents, which include the triumphant return of the Fan Club patch! Some of the items from the kit are shown below.

Not yet a member of Hyperspace, the Official Star Wars Fan Club? What are you waiting for -- join today!

Posted by: Trilogist

Friday July 20, 2007
Path to the Force - Episode 195

Today we have Episode 195 of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force which has been created by Nathan Ciprick. You will be able to access these stories through the Comics section. Check out the latest episode!

Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force-Episode 195

Be sure to join us next week for the one-hundred and ninety-sixth episode of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force. Then join us every week as we continue to follow the adventures of the Wookiee E'nac from the Star Wars Galaxies videogame in the form of Gamics!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Thursday July 19, 2007
Featured Artist Craig Burt-Painting by Numbers 32

Featured Artist Craig Burt has provided us with a breakdown of one of his paintings that provides us with a look into how the picture came about.

111Lava Limb progressive.jpg (301212 bytes)
"Lava Limb"

Here is some of the article created by Craig:

This picture is what I call a digital coloring; that is, basically, a black and white drawing that you scan into the PC then color in digitally. I find it a fun way to create pictures; you start with a relatively simple drawing and can then add effects and colors without the hassle of mixing paint and blending by hand. You also have the bonus of being able to try virtually endless variations easily.

1 Is the scan of the plain drawing, not completely black and white as you can see. It is drawn with Biro and large Artlline markers. As you can also see it's drawn on a scrap of tractor-feed computer paper. The inset is a larger look at the hatching lines of the Biro which are blurred in the under image. If I'm right the inspiration for the picture came from watching the leaked Back-in-Black footage of the final duel in Revenge of the Sith which was aggressive and fast.

Be sure to read the rest of the article about "Lava Limb" in the Painting by Numbers section. Thanks Craig for another great walkthrough of how this image came about! Enjoy!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Thursday July 19, 2007
Star Wars Live Action Series Update

The StarWarsBlog has some new information about the upcoming live action TV series! Warwick Davis welcomed prequel producer Rick McCallum to the Celebrity Stage at Celebration Europe for an update on projects hes been involved with lately, such as the Star Wars live-action TV series, the Young Indiana Jones DVD series, and the yet-to-be-started Star Wars saga in 3-D. Here are the highlights from the live action conversation:

The Live Action Series:

  • McCallum and Lucas were recently in London meeting writers for the Star Wars live action TV series.
  • We want to be able to take all this technology weve developed over the years and make it accessible to everybody and try to make each one of the episodes [of the live-action TV series] look like a major feature film with all the production values and visual effects that you would expect in a feature but do it for a television budget.
  • Weve met a whole bunch of writers from literally all over the world we have Australia left, thats the last place were going to meet some people were hoping to get a group of six or seven writers ready sometime between September and December to make the final choice and then well start doing story outlines. As I said before, its a much darker, much more character-based series, much more adult, and were hoping that it will go on for up to 400 episodes.
  • I think if we can get [the live action Star Wars TV series] right, its something that can go on for years and years. One of the ideas is that well have multiple series going on in about two or three years time.
  • Were definitely going back to Sydney to shoot [the live action TV series] and probably June of next year well start casting for itIve had three conceptual artists working on it now for about seven months.

I can't wait for more information to start coming out on this one, but for now we can look forward to the new 3D Clone Wars series.

Posted by: Jedi Power