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Archived News-February 2007

Week 1

Friday February 02, 2007
Dejarik Holochess Set - Priority Pre-Order

Sideshow Collectibles has provided a look at a great new 1/6 scale collectible! Fans will now have the ability to collect the Dejarik Holochess Set from Star Wars A New Hope! This is a great idea that will surely sell out fast, so be sure to pre-order yours today! Here are the facts:
  • Pre-Orders begin February 16th at 10AM PST
  • You will NOT be contacted via email the same day that the item is posted for pre-order
  • Additional information about this priority pre-order will be sent to all Star Wars newsletter subscribers on February 14th, 2007. Receipt of this e-mail DOES NOT indicate that you are qualified, but only that you have selected to receive newsletter information about our Star Wars collectibles.
  • You must be a registered newsletter subscriber and sideshow account holder by Thursday, February 15th, 2007, 11:59PM PDT
  • Phone orders will be taken for qualified Priority Pre-Order subscribers, however we believe that your online ordering experience will be much faster then ordering via phone.

Good luck and happy collecting!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Friday February 02, 2007
Craig Burt's Local Colour

Craig Burt has provided his newest outstanding painting to the Featured Artist section! This is the third in a line of paintings he has done that gives you the unique perspective of being on the other end of a camera. This latest piece features an Episode IV scene showing an X-Wing that has crashed on Tatooine. Thanks Craig! Here is more about the scene:

Sw 4 Local Colour.jpg (983992 bytes)This one would be another of the paintings done in the style of a 'snap-shot' photo. Again it's on Tatooine, this time in the years before Luke's life is interrupted by the arrival of a couple of droids.

Luke and his two friends are out and about in his landspeeder, out on the far ends of the Lars' moisture farm they find something of note; a crashed X-Wing. Never seeing anything like it they rush to investigate. Fixer has walked onto the fuselage across the sand starting to bury the nose. Luke stands back amazed at seeing something so exotic. Wed 15-77, trundling off to see if anything can be fixed, stops by a request and looks back at Camie, who is taking the photo standing on the right rear engine-pod of the landspeeder.

Your imagination can fill in anymore of the gaps.

Wonder if they have "slip'n'slides" on Tatooine? Looks like a hot day. Na, probably have too stringent water restrictions.

Also, be sure to see the rest of Craig's outstanding work in the Craig Burt's Paintings section, see a breakdown of paintings like these in the popular Painting by Numbers section, and also Craig Burt's Cartoons! You can also find other great work by other artists in the Featured Artists section. Enjoy!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Friday February 02, 2007
Homing Beacon #180

The latest Homing Beacon has arrived and today we get to talk about Celebration IV.

Star Wars Celebration IV -- Fan Club Members Have Exclusive Passport to Fun!

Members of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club, and members of other official Star Wars Fan Clubs worldwide, will enjoy their very own exclusive benefits at Star Wars Celebration IV this May. Scheduled for May 24-28, 2007, the 30th anniversary weekend of the Star Wars saga, Celebration IV will bring days of fun, events, entertainment, and exhibits to the Los Angeles Convention Center -- and members of the Fan Clubs can enjoy one extra free day of exclusive access on Thursday, May 24!

Fan Club members who purchase a four-day, full show pass will be allowed entry one day before the rest of the general public is admitted to the show, at no extra cost. Here's what's in store for Members on Thursday, May 24:

Exclusive, First Access to the Celebration Store:
The Celebration Store will feature a great selection of cool merchandise created just for Celebration IV, including a yet-to-be-revealed exclusive action figure. Fan Club members can start shopping in West Hall A of the Convention Center at noon on Thursday, May 24. The store will be open just for them until 10:00 AM on Friday, May 25, when it will open for other show attendees.

First Access to the Celebration Exhibit Hall:
Fan Club members will get to have the first look at what's new in Star Wars collectibles, toys, and merchandise from licensees and dealers in the Exhibit Hall. Open from 12 noon to 8:00 PM on May 24 just for members, the exhibit hall will feature great displays, shopping, and planned Celebration IV exclusives from licensees.

First Access to Autograph Celebrities:
Official Pix will be returning to Celebration IV, and anticipate an even larger guest list of celebrities for fans to meet. The show's location in Los Angeles opens the door to many potential new guests as well. The Celebration Autograph Hall will be open just for Fan Club members on Thursday, May 24 from 12 noon to 8:00 PM.

Celebration IV Art Show:
Star Wars artists will offer spectacular, original lithographs created for Celebration IV, and Fan Club members will be the first to have the option to shop at the Art Show. Scheduled hours are 12 noon to 8:00 PM on Thursday, May 24 for Fan Club members only, and then for all attendees the rest of the weekend.

First Access to the Fan Fair Hall:
Once again, Star Wars fans will be a great part of the entertainment for Celebration IV. The Fan Fair Exhibit Hall, scheduled for Hall G in the Los Angeles Convention Center, will be sparkling with exhibits, activities, and stages dedicated to the love of Star Wars. Members of the official Fan Clubs will get a chance to wander through and enjoy the displays before anyone else, from 12 noon until 8:00 PM on Thursday, May 24.

First Viewing of the Star Wars Celebration Archive Exhibit:
Lucasfilm will produce an exhibit of props and costumes from the movie archives especially for Celebration IV, that will look back on 30 years of Star Wars magic. Members of the Fan Club have one extra day to take in this wonderful exhibit, from 12 Noon to 6:00 PM on May 24.

Two Special Celebration IV Film Tracks:
Members of the Fan Club can sit back and relax from the busy pace of Members-Only day in one of two soon-to-be-announced film tracks. The tracks will be open for continuous viewing from 12 noon on Thursday, May 24 until midnight just for Fan Club members, and then for everyone attending the show the rest of the weekend.

Join the Fan Club Now and Register for Celebration IV!:
To enjoy a the Members-Only day at Celebration IV, first join the Official Star Wars Fan Club. Then, register for a 4-day pass for Star Wars Celebration IV. Only Fan Club members with 4-day passes will be allowed in on the exclusive Fan Club day. Members of other official Star Wars Fan Clubs worldwide should sign up for their fan clubs (United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain), and then register for Celebration IV.

Q: How will I prove that I'm a Fan Club member at Celebration?

A: When you register for Star Wars Celebration IV, check the "Fan Club Member" box. Membership status will be checked in April of 2007, before passes for the show are mailed. Membership will also be checked onsite against current membership lists from all clubs for those who pick up their passes at Will Call. Members will be given a special lanyard to attach to their passes, that will identify them as a Fan Club member and admit them to Members-Only Day and special shows and events. In short, make sure your membership is current from April 2007 through June of 2007 to be safe.

Q: What other benefits can I enjoy at Celebration IV as a Fan Club member?

A: Members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club who purchase 4-day passes in advance of the show will also receive 4 Friends & Family coupons. These coupons can be used once, and will allow members to admit one family member or friend for each coupon to Member-Only Day, to the Fan Club Lounge, and to Fan Club exclusive shows.

The Fan Club Lounge is the Celebration IV exclusive meeting place for members only. Members can enjoy food and beverages to buy in their own private lounge, as well as scheduled meet-and-greet sessions with celebrities.

Select shows and entertainment are scheduled for Fan Club members, too! Members will be seated first for certain shows, and non-members allowed only if there are still seats available.

See even more of this can't-miss Star Wars party, Celebration IV, as a member of the Official Star Wars Fan Club!

Times and locations for all events and exhibits may change. Please check for updates closer to the show.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Friday February 02, 2007
Path to the Force - Episode 150

Today we have reached a major milestone in Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force with the release of Episode 150! I would like to thank Nathan Ciprick for allowing Galactic Voyage to host this great Gamic story. I hope you have been enjoying following E'nac on his journey and we look forward to many more adventures with the now famous Wookiee. If you haven't been keeping up with the story, you can always go back and read previous issues in the Comics section. Now on with the latest episode!

Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force-Episode 150

Be sure to join us next week for the one-hundredth and fifty-first episode of Star Wars Galaxies-Path to the Force. Then join us every week as we continue to follow the adventures of the Wookiee E'nac from the Star Wars Galaxies videogame in the form of Gamics!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Thursday February 01, 2007
New Online Game

Today I have added a new game to the Video Arcade section. It is called Flash Wars. Star Wars Flash Wars is a Flash game where you get to fly around in the Star Wars galaxy as an X-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing and more. You can also construct ships and have battles. Well, what are you waiting for? Go try out this new game! I know you will enjoy it!

Flash Wars

Posted by: Jedi Power