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Archived News

December 2000

12.31.00 Happy New Year from Galactic Voyage!

12.30.00 Lt. Pello Scrambas Added to the Characters Section!

12.29.00 Episode II going a little rough?

12.29.00 Guy Lagacé's take on the new Episode II Select!

12.28.00 Star Chart in Episode II Select!

12.28.00 Galactic Voyage has another New Affiliate!

12.27.00 New Poll Added!

12.26.00 Watto's to hold a contest!

12.26.00 New Guy Lagacé George's Visions Picture Available!

12.26.00 We have New Fan Art!

12.26.00 Mesa Back!

12.16.00 Jedi Power goes Cruisin'!

12.16.00 New Ewan McGregor Collection at Watto's!

12.15.00 Galactic Voyage has a New Affiliate!

12.15.00 Battle for Naboo - In Stores Now!

12.15.00 Did any animatics shot make it all the way through to the final film in Episode I?

12.15.00 George in Episode II Select?

12.14.00 News of new worlds!

12.13.00 Death Star Gunners Added to the Characters Section!

12.12.00 What is the status of Episode II?

12.12.00 What would Mr. Lucas do to you if you happened to leak out any information on the Episode II designs or storyline?

12.11.00 The rest of the story about Shmi Skywalker!

12.10.00 Admiral Motti Added to the Characters Section!

12.9.00 More New Fan Art!

12.9.00 Update on New Star Wars POTJ Figures!

12.8.00 At the end of The Phantom Menace, why didn't Obi-Wan use his super-speed to run past the energy gates that kept him from Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul?

12.7.00 Star Wars Internet Browsers!

12.7.00 New Episode II Select!

12.6.00 Lightsaber Duel: The Aftermath

12.6.00 With the advancements in special effects today and the use of computer generated actors, will there be a need for stunt men in the upcoming Star Wars films?

12.6.00 New Episode II Character!

12.5.00 Poor Jar Jar

12.5.00 Galactic Voyage's Affiliate Changes Name!

12.4.00 Lightsaber Duel: Good vs. Evil

12.4.00 New Fan Art!

12.3.00 TC-14 Added to the Characters Section!

12.3.00 Guy Lagacé's Probeshots and Climatic Battlescenes now available!

12.2.00 New Guy Lagacé Probeshots - Widescreen Edition!

12.2.00 Out of all the sets you supervised construction of for Episode I, which presented the greatest challenge?

12.1.00 New Star Wars POTJ Figures!

12.1.00 Star Wars Galaxies now open!

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