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Galactic News

Tuesday August 20, 2002
Toy Collectors Search

The Official Star Wars Site has announced that Hasbro, Inc. is searching for the best Star Wars toy collectors, and the winner of their new contest can add a one-of-a-kind item to their collection: an action figure crafted in his or her likeness.

Each entrant must send in photos of his or her collection of Hasbro, Kenner and/or Galoob Star Wars toys, as well as a description of the collection (number of figures, how long it's been in the works, rarest item, etc.) and an explanation as to why it's the best around.

Entries will be judged and prizes will be awarded in two categories: kids ages 4 to 14, and collectors ages 15 and up. The grand prize winners in each age group will receive an action figure crafted in his or her likeness, a complete set of Hasbro's 2003 3.75-inch basic Star Wars action figure line, a Jorg Sacul action figure, an Episode II action figure poster, and a visit to Hasbro to join the Star Wars toy team for a day. Additionally, the winner in the younger age group will receive a $10,000 savings bond.

Second prize winners (one from each state) will receive the first 12 figures in Hasbro's 2003 3.75-inch basic Star Wars line, the Jorg Sacul figure, and the Episode II action figure poster.

"In addition to legions of adult collectors, we know that there are a lot of young Star Wars fans out there who have put a lot of thought and effort into building their collections. Now it's time to show the world," says Brian Goldner, President of Hasbro's U.S. toy group.

Each entrant must send up to five photographs and a description of the toy collection in ordered to be considered. Kids are encouraged to be as creative as they want in displaying their collections. All entries must be postmarked by October 15, 2002.

Okay all of you Star Wars fans with the massive collections. Now is the time to show them off! Be sure to head over to Hasbro for all of the information needed to participate.

Posted: by Jedi Power