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Galactic News

Friday August 16, 2002
The Padawan Post #41

The latest Padawan Post has arrived and here are some features for you to enjoy:

The Star Wars Aptitude Tests
Aptitude tests are given in elementary school through high school to determine a student's natural talent for learning. You may have an aptitude for math or languages. And since we know you have an aptitude for Star Wars, you'll have fun playing the Star Wars Aptitude Tests. Broken into two short quizzes, the questions are designed to force you to think beyond the obvious answers. Just like the standard aptitude tests, you need to select the "best" answer. These two quizzes are part of four new trivia games that are awaiting your brain. Click here to think and play now.

Spelling Star Wars Words
Is this how "Coruscant" is spelled? Should "clone trooper" be capitalized? Who cares? You do! As part of your Padawan training, you'll benefit from knowing the correct spelling of the unique words of the Star Wars universe. Many of you type them into your Viewscreen messages, while others of you insert them into your own creative writing. From now on type "Kaminoans" with confidence, and argue about "Darth Sidious" with authority. More than two hundred words are listed alphabetically for your reference. Feel free to copy and paste into your Viewscreen messages. Click here to be a spelling bee.

Is It All Jar Jar's Fault?
This week's Saga Talk Viewscreen topic was provided by Padawan TNT100, who says, "In Ep II, it's Jar Jar's fault for starting the Clone War because he granted Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers. If Qui-Gon had never met Jar Jar, the future might have been better. Does anyone agree? Please explain." Click here to tell us what you think.

The "Who Said It?" Game
Who said, "The thought of losing you is unbearable." Was it Leia in Ep VI, Anakin in Ep II, or Chancellor Palpatine in Ep II? Presenting more than 85 quotes from the Star Wars saga, this game aims to challenge your memory of all the films, including the film that is likely the freshest in your mind - Attack of the Clones. Many Ep II quotes are included... perhaps there are even some Ep II quotes in the newest batch that have just been added. Click here to play the newest questions and to see if you selected the correct answer to the quote above.

Posted: by Jedi Power