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Cut Scenes - Episode VI

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The Sail Barge


The camera pans around the Sail Barge observation deck showing Bossk, and other patrons drinking and partying.

Bossk on Sail Barge.jpg (72083 bytes)

Nizuc Bek is drinking and having a conversation with Sy Snootles.

Nizuc Bek talks to Sy Snootles.jpg (48312 bytes)

Moments later Nizuc Bek walks over to Saelt-Marae and they drink together.

Nizuc-Bek-drinks-with-Saelt-Marae.jpg (88588 bytes)  Nizuc Bek drinks with Saelt-Marae2.jpg (82971 bytes)

After Saelt-Marae is intoxicated, Ree-Yees starts a conversation and they argue. C-3PO is brought in to translate.

"Threepio was way out of his depth. At the moment he was being forced to translate an argument between Saelt-Marae and Ree-Yees, concerning a point of quark warfare that was marginally beyond him. Saelt-Marae was taking (to Threepio's way of thinking) an untenable position. However, on his shoulder sat Salacious Crumb, the insane little reptilian monkey who had the habit of repeating verbatim everything Saelt-Marae said, thereby effectively doubling the weight of Saelt-Marae's argument."

C-3PO translates for Saelt-Marae and Ree-Yees.jpg (50326 bytes)  

Saelt-Marae concluded the oration with a typically bellicose avowal. 'Woossie jawamba boog!'

C-3PO translates for Saelt-Marae and Ree-Yees2.jpg (49626 bytes)

"To which Salacious nodded, then added, 'Woossie jawamba boog!'

Saelt-Marae stands.

"Threepio didn't really want to translate this to Ree-Yees, the three-eyed goat-face who was already drunk as a spicer, but he did."

Saelt-Marae and Ree-Yees argue.jpg (46645 bytes)

"All three eyes dilated in fury. 'Backawa! Backawa!' Without further preamble, he punched Saelt-Marae in the snout, sending him flying into a school of Squid Heads.

Ree-Yees punches Saelt-Marae.jpg (54399 bytes)

"See Threepio felt this response needed no translation, and took the opportunity to slip to the rear - where he promptly bumped into a small droid serving drinks."

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