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Outer Rim


Xagobah System

Climate: Varies
Terrain: Fungal Forests, Swamps, Mountains, Jungles, Deserts 

Xagobah was located in the Xagobah system, just inside the border with the Outer Rim Territories, and was the homeworld of the Xamster race. Xagobah had a blue sun with 3 moons orbiting the planet.

From space Xagobah appeared to be a cloud-covered world that was shrouded in purplish mists. This was caused by the incredible amount of spores and pollen found in its atmosphere, given off by all manner of trees and fungus. While much of the spore material was harmless, there were several varieties that caused illness to most humanoid species. Thus, a breath mask was recommended for most off-world visitors. The fungi that produced these billions of spores were found in a variety of forms, including several carnivorous varieties that could reach out and grab their prey, while the flimmel tree resembled a weird combination of mushroom and spider. Also, the malvil-tree was another fungus that seemed to have some sort of sentience. Tal-Gun was taught on the world.

21 years before the Battle of Yavin, the planet was conquered by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The planet was liberated by the Galactic Republic the next year. It was during the liberating battle that young Boba Fett attempted to collect a bounty on Wat Tambor's head, but failed. Asajj Ventress had supposedly helped Wat Tambor escape by damaging Boba's ship, the Slave I, however, Ventress had already been betrayed by Dooku at this point, and fled into hiding to escape the war, so this alleged Ventress sighting still remains only a rumor. During the Outer Rim Sieges, there was a CIS buildup at the world.

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