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Gozanti Cruiser

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Gozanti Cruiser
Type: Cargo Transport
Length: 53 Meters
Weapons: None
Crew: 13
Top Speed: 20 MGLT
Troop Capacity: Unknown
Cargo Capacity: 100 Metric Tons
Passengers: Unknown

The Gozanti Cruiser was created about fifty years before the battle of Yavin by the Corellian Engineering Corporation as an average cargo liner. This 53 meter vessel has angular lines and was designed during a period of relative peace. This explains its total absence of armament and shields. Moreover, its sublight speed is relatively low. (20 MGLT) The Gozanti can carry 100 metric tons of freight in its compartments and requires a crew of eleven members and two navigators.

This powerful cruiser design was popular among independent merchants during the last decades of the Old Republic. While it was slow compared to other designs, the Gozanti Cruiser was extremely well-armored and hard to board, making it the bane of many pirates.

At the time of the Invasion of Naboo, the Gozanti represented a major part of the cargo liners used by the Hutts for their spice smuggling. When the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, droid scouts found Borvo the Hutt's personal Gozanti Cruiser and attacked it when it was cruising the mountains of Naboo. Unable to defend itself, the ship's pilot made contact with Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes and Captain Kael. Sykes saved the ship by destroying the fighters.

Borvo the Hutt then used his Gozanti Cruiser to smuggle weapons between Tatooine and Naboo. The treacherous Hutt pretended to help the Naboo by aiding the resistance in spite of the blockade created by the Trade Federation. But Borvo the Hutt also worked with the Trade Federation by taking citizens from Naboo to Tatooine where he then sold them like slaves. When Captain Kael learned about the truth, he faced the Hutt and was killed. But the brave pilot Sykes, took his revenge by assassinating Borvo and by blowing up the Hutt's freighter and depots. 

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