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Craft: Republic Fleet Systems Chu'unthor
Type: Custom Jedi Training Cruiser
Length: 2,000 Meters, (1,000 Meters Wide)
Weapons: Unknown
Crew: 8,500
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 9,990 (Jedi)
Cargo Capacity: 5,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: 9,990 (Jedi)

The Chu'unthor is a cruiser that dated back to the days of the Old Republic. Luke Skywalker discovered the ship's rusting wreckage on Dathomir and later learned that under the command of Yoda and a number of other Jedi Masters, it had served as a mobile training academy for groups of Jedi apprentices.

The ship was immense. At two kilometers long, a kilometer wide, and at least 40 meters tall, the Chu'unthor had room for nearly 10,000 Jedi Students, with hundreds of exercise and lightsaber sparring room seemed to hone every student's body to physical perfection. Workshops gave Jedi's places to build lightsabers, while hundreds of meditation rooms offered students a place to develop mental discipline. Dozens of healing and hospital were used to teach young Jedi healing arts with which they could help the physically or mentally impaired. The ship also had several library rooms with texts covering Jedi teachings, advanced and theoretical sciences, history, literature, languages, the arts, and alien civilization.

One severe problem for many species when traveling in space is the sense of confinement experienced in a starship. To alleviate this problem, the Chu'unthor had wide corridors with high ceilings, while dozens of rooms had domes or large viewports. By holding classes open to the stars, the Jedi effectively received a double boon. Not only did this help alleviate the sense of claustrophobia, but these rooms constantly reminded the Jedi in training that a Jedi's gifts were not to be used for selfish ends; in time every Jedi would be called upon to go out and serve upon the stars.

After defeating the evil Nightsisters of Dathomir, Luke Skywalker came to learn of the history of the Chu'unthor. The ship had been built just four centuries earlier to gather and train Jedi students from many parts of the galaxy. The Chu'unthor's noble mission had been cut tragically short when it crashed into the exile world of Dathomir, home to "witches," descendants of a fallen Jedi named Allya. These witches had mastered Dathomir's unique attunement to the Force, greatly expanding their inherited powers.

The damaged Chu'unthor had been surrounded and attacked by the witches and the rancors that were under their control. Master Yoda had saved the life of a young witch named Rell, and the two had negotiated a truce. The Chu'unthor and its reader tapes were to be left behind, but the Jedi were free to leave. Yoda asked Rell to keep the disks hidden until a young Jedi came to free her world from the Nightsisters, a group of witches who had turned to evil.

Nearly three centuries later Skywalker fulfilled Yoda's ancient prophecy by defeating the Nightsisters and the Imperial occupation forces. Rell, now old and feeble, gave Luke the tapes from the Chu'unthor, thus providing a solid foundation for the formation of his Jedi praxeum, or academy, on Yavin Four.

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