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Golan II Space Defense Platform

Base: Golan Arms' Golan II Space Defense Platform
Type: Golan Space Defense SpaceGun
Size: 2,158 Meters
35 Turbolasers Batteries
10 Proton Torpedo Launchers
8 Tractor Beam Projectors
550 and 149 Gunners
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 80
Cargo Capacity:
10,000 Metric Tons
13 Starfighters
Passengers: 80

The Golan II Space Defense Platform, also known simply as the Golan II, was the second space station in Golan Arms' series of space defense platforms. It was designed to thwart starfighter and light capital ship assaults. Its weapons complement makes this station a match for most ships.

The Golan II was the successor to the original Golan platform, which was judged to be insufficiently powerful to counter the threat of larger ships such as Star Destroyers. Though the Golan II was based on the same general principles of design and function, the hull was built with a unique crossbeam structure to increase the station's durability, and more efficient power generators allowed for a significant increase in shield power.

The Golan II Space Defense Platform is designed to work in tandem with either Mk I or Mk III platforms; it houses the sensitive Grystal Graviton Traps that allow system defense networks to detect cloaked ships well beyond weapons range.

The Golan II station was armed with 35 turbolaser batteries, 10 proton torpedo launchers, and 8 tractor beam projectors. Like the Golan I, they also contained a hangar for small vessels, capable of launching at least 13 starfighters. 

Golan II platforms were used to defend more valuable targets, like the Imperial shipyards in the Bilbringi system. At the Battle of Bilbringi, it took the combined efforts of Rogue Squadron and two New Republic Assault Frigates to neutralize one Golan II. 

Despite their impressive firepower, even the Golan II eventually seemed inadequate, and they were succeeded by the Golan III Space Defense NovaGun stations.

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