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Golan I Space Defense Platform

Base: Golan Arms' Golan I Space Defense Platform
Type: Golan Space Defense SpaceGun
Size: 1,231 Meters
28 Turbolasers Batteries
5 Proton Torpedo Launchers
6 Tractor Beam Projectors
213 and 112 Gunners
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 40
Cargo Capacity:
5,000 Metric Tons
24 Starfighters
Passengers: 40

The Golan I Space Defense Platform, also known as the Golan I SpaceGun, was the first space station in Golan Arms' series of space defense platforms. It was designed during the Stark Hyperspace War to defend key planets and hyperspace routes from intruders without putting lives at risk. Able to accommodate fighter squadrons and dock with capital ships, it can also serve as a supply platform and service station for cruisers.

The Golan I measured 1,231 meters across, and was manned by a crew of 213 and 112 gunners. Up to 40 troops could be stationed inside its perimeter, along with 5,000 metric tons of cargo. They were armed with 28 turbolasers, 5 proton torpedo launchers, 6 tractor beam projectors, and had a small hangar bay capable of launching up to 24 starfighters.

Although superior in firepower to cruisers and corvettes, clever commanders have been known to eliminate the vulnerable shield generator, unguarded at the base of the spike next to the sensor array. This removes telemetry and shielding from the gunners, who once un-coordinated become easy pickings for the enemy. This is the main reason that this station was never used widespread and this heralded the designers to recreate and re-design the Golan 1 during the years of the Clone Wars.

After the Clone Wars, the Golan I was eventually succeeded by the Golan II Space Defense Platform due to production of larger warships. However, the Golan I remained deadly to starfighters and small capital ships through the end of the New Republic.

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