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Master Arca's Ship


Image created by Daniel Barczewski exclusively for Galactic Voyage and used with permission. Visit his website here.

Craft: Hoersch-Kessel Delaya-Class Courier
Type: Courier Ship
Length: Unknown
2 Laser Cannons
1 Proton-Torpedo Launcher
Crew: Pilot and Gunners
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 8
Cargo Capacity: 1 Scouting Speeder
Passengers: 8

Master Arca’s courier ship, the SunGem was a Hoersch-Kessel Delaya-class courier ship that was Arca’s base of operations while he was engaged in missions. Arca outfitted the ship to act as a training facility for his many Jedi students, thus enabling him to personally represent the Jedi Knights in galactic affairs while fulfilling his responsibility to his Jedi apprentices.

The SunGem was distinctly aerodynamic, with layers of maneuvering vanes and retractable airfoils. The airfoils were tied into a computer system that adjusted each one’s angle for maximum maneuverability. The SunGem was equipped with twenty-one Hoersch-Kessel ion engines mounted in banks of three, with each trio of engines affixed to a servo-controlled maneuvering adjuster. The ship had incredible sublight performance for a craft of its size. In an atmosphere, the SunGem could reach a top speed of about 950 kilometers per hour, making it as fast as many atmospheric speeders and starfighters.

The SunGem had extendable hull plating sections with a dedicated defense station, allowing the pilot to control the positioning of the sections in order to stop incoming enemy fire. The panel operator worked in conjunction with the shield operator, thus creating a layered defense system.

The SunGem was lightly armed; Arca always preferred stealth and cunning to brute force. The main weapon was a forward proton-torpedo launcher mounted directly in front of the cockpit. The launcher carried high-yield proton torpedoes which were far more dangerous than standard laser cannons, although their range was still limited. The SunGem had enough space for twelve high-yield proton torpedoes or twenty-four standard proton torpedoes. The ship also had a pair of laser cannons on the outside of the two main airfoils. These weapons were distinctive because the laser actuator and power cells were located in the center of the rotating unit and fed into two laser cannons, one on each end of the rotating spar, allowing the SunGem to fire in opposite directions a the same time.

The SunGem had a forward cockpit with pilot and gunnery stations. The central living quarters has bunks for eight beings but most of the interior was given over to Jedi training facilities, with meditation chambers, lightsaber training areas (with remotes), and a variable gravity and atmosphere room to stimulate hostile planetary conditions. Arca was particularly proud of the SunGem’s extensive computer library of Jedi texts.

There was almost no cargo space aboard, although Arca had managed to wedge a scouting speeder into the small storage area immediately inside the cargo air lock at the bottom of the hull. There were two escape pods at the rear of the ship.

Arca adorned the ship with his personal Jedi sigil, unmistakably marking his ship for both enemy and ally. The SunGem was one of the most distinctive ships in the service of the Jedi, equipped with advanced piloting computers which enabled Arca to run the vessel by himself if the need arose.

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