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Hyperspace Marauder

Craft: TransGalMeg Xiytiar-class Transport
Type: Large Transport
Length: 164.8 Meters
2 Forward  Laser Cannons
Crew: 10
Top Speed: 20 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 2
Cargo Capacity: 5,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: 2

The Hyperspace Marauder is a large freighter converted to smuggling duty. Owned and operated by Lo Khan and his Yaka cyborg partner, Luwingo, the Hyperspace Marauder is one of many ships licensed to haul military goods to the Deep Galactic Core, the area of space that the reincarnated Emperor Palpatine used as his base of operations.

At 165 meters long, the Hyperspace Marauder is far larger than most smuggling vessels. Lo Khan insists that this just gives him more room to hide his contraband.

The freighter tends to stick to more civilized routes; Lo Khan is someone who has always tended to play it safe--he has worked both sides of the Civil War but keeps a low profile, taking great care to ensure that he makes few enemies.

The Marauder is an oddity among space smuggling ships because it is lightly armed. Lo Khan finally added a pair of 700-Penetrator laser cannons, but the ship had gone unarmed for many years. The vessel is slow and lumbering, with heavy-duty shields. Its apparent vulnerability is a key part of Lo Khanís game plan.

In the instance of a raid, when a boarding party is sent over, Lo Khan uses the Marauderís unusual computer and communications system to take over the other shipís computer systems. Before the aggressors can cut through the Marauderís hull plating, they find that their ship is no longer under their control. Lo Khan has placed himself in an excellent bargaining position, since he can choose to shut down weapons, drives, or even life-support systems.

Of course, Lo Khan is a charitable being. Heíll normally strip the valuable gear from the other ship but leave life support and low-level ion thrusters operational. While he travels on to his destination with a few extra goodies to sell to his underworld "friends," those who sought to rob him have several weeks to reflect on their misdeeds.

Lo Khan and Luwingo ended up saving Han Solo and the Corellianís companions on Byss when he allowed Salla Zend to hide the Millennium Falcon inside the Marauder. Unfortunately for Lo Khan, the Hyperspace Marauder wasnĎt nearly as good a hiding spot as Salla hoped. Giant Imperial Hunter-Killer probots quickly spotted the Falcon by scanning the freighterís interior. The H-K probots opened fire, but Salla and Shug Ninx raced the Falcon away from the Imperial H-Ks.

The Marauder was impounded by the furious Imperials, stranding Lo Khan and Luwingo on Byss. However, a new assault by the New Republic just weeks later gave the two smugglers the chance to recapture their ship. During the confusion of the New Republic attack, Khan and Luwingo infiltrated Byssís Imperial impound yards. They later used the Marauder to rescue New Republic forces commanded by General Lando Calrissian, who had been pinned down during a secret assault on Byss.

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