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W-23 Space Barge

Craft: Incom Corporation's W-23 Space Barge
Type: Space Barge
Length: 80 Meters
Weapons: None
Crew: 1 Captain, 1 Pilot, 1 Labor Droid
Top Speed: 40 MGLT
Troop Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: 15,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: None

The W-23 Space Barge also known as the W-23 Star Hauler is an 80-meter-long transport built by Incom Industries. An old but sturdy design, the W-23 Space Barge is built for practicality and not for looks. Only able to carry a captain, pilot, and a labor droid in it's cramped flight deck most of the available space is devoted to carrying capacity and the engines.

The ship was designed with increased hull strength and volume capacity. It was given only a basic sensor suite to feed the engines enough power to outrun most other freighters built in its time. Unfortunately it is a compromise between fast freighters with small capacity and old large freighters with slow engines meaning that it can do both jobs but performs neither rather well. Outpaced by bulk freighters, it has seen better days. However, the W-23's cheap construction costs causes it to be popular still for those that have less credits or can manage with several smaller freighters.

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