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Rebel Transport

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Craft: Gallofree Yards Medium Transport
Type: Medium Transport
Length: 90 Meters
Weapons: 4 Twin Laser Cannons
Crew: 7
Top Speed: 20 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 90
Cargo Capacity: 19,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: 90

The Medium Transport was used by the Alliance and was a true transport, this transport was manufactured by the Gallofree Yards and sold to the Alliance at a high discount. It is used by the Rebels to transport supplies, troops, and equipment throughout the galaxy. Some have been modified to be fuel tankers for long range fighter missions or for smaller ships. During the ongoing struggle with the Empire, the Rebels had to use converted passenger liners, stolen imperial transports and captured pirate vessels to serve as transports. These ships tend to be in the center of Rebel fleet formations, and rely on starfighter support for their well being.

The hull of these ships are specially coated, and have heavy armor plating to absorb most casual sensor scans and this prevents long range Imperial scans from detecting these ships. Because of the little protection by laser cannons, these transports usually were protected by a deflector shield system and and basic hyperdrive engines.

The command pod which is located on the upper hull, near the main engines carries the crew in cramped conditions, also houses the shield generator, to help protect the command pod. It has a cargo capacity of 19,000 metrics tons. Modular Cargo Pods greatly speed up loading and unloading procedures. Many of the starships were often struck by malfunctions and breakdowns which caused them to spend most of their service times in space dock for repairs. 

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