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Barloz Freighter

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation's Barloz-class Freighter
Type: Medium Freighter
Length: 41 Meters
Weapons: 1 Laser Cannon
Crew: 2, 1 Gunner
Top Speed: 50 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 4
Cargo Capacity: 120 Metric Tons
Passengers: 4

Manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation, the Barloz class was a no-frills freighter. Its size, coupled with durability, made it an ideal craft for freelancers, cargo shippers and smugglers alike. It contained many of the innovations that would later make the YT series such a success, but it was phased out when the YT series was introduced.

It was manned by a crew of two, with one gunner and up to four passengers. It was armed with single forward-firing laser cannon. Propulsion was provided by the NovaQuad-D system, a precursor to the drives used on the YT series.

As with all Corellian-made ships, the Barloz freighters are customizable to the pilot's needs. There have been models reported with large amounts of fire power and others with newer hyperdrive units. During the height of the Barloz's popularity, there were shipbuilders that would specialize in their customization.

A number of these ships were used to transport Tibanna gas to and from the planet Bespin and the Zann Consortium destroyed several of these ships in order to corrupt the planet.

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