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BR-23 Courier

Craft: Republic Sienar Systems' BR-23 Courier
Type: Long-Range Troop Transport
Length: 20.7 Meters
Weapons: 2 Laser Cannon Turrets
Crew: 2
Top Speed: 30 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 40
Cargo Capacity: 120 Metric Tons
Passengers: 40

The BR-23 Courier was a durable personnel transport and courier ship that served in Old Republic fleets and militias. After finding the market for TIE/ln starfighters enormously more profitable due to the Empire's swift move away from transports like the BR-23, Sienar partially refitted its large back stock of BR-23s with civilian-grade systems and dumped them onto the open market. These inexpensive craft, which were easy to repair, proved to be a boon of profit for Sienar.

While not as fast or as agile as some of the higher-class transports available, the BR-23 Courier is surprisingly durable for a ship its size, thanks to its military origins. The base model is still equipped with military-grade deflector shields as standard equipment, as well as outfitted with two lasers turrets for defense against fighter craft. Nevertheless, its lack of maneuverability means that this is unlikely to stop a concerted attack. Despite this, the ship's impressive passenger capacity and the ease of which modifications can be applied make it an excellent choice for independent companies or paramilitary groups looking for a large courier ship to utilize in lieu of more expensive alternatives.

While most of Sienar's surplus stock found its way into the freighter market, the BR-23 also saw use in cut-rate shuttle services and employment as personal skiffs. After leaving military service the BR-23 proved to be popular among courier services, small-time shipping agents, and a good number of smugglers. In the case of the Rebellion, they made it a general policy to acquire these ships where ever they could find them as they could be easily re-converted to their original troop transport duties.

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