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Rebel Armored Freerunner

Craft: Kelliak Arms and Armor Company Freerunner
Type: Speeder
Length: 14.6 Meters
2 Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannons
2 Anti-Infantry Blaster Batteries
Crew: 2, 3 Gunners
Top Speed: 300 Kilometers per hour
Troop Capacity: 2
Cargo Capacity: 250 Kilograms
Passengers: 2

The Armored Freerunner was considered one of the most powerful assets of the Rebel CAV arsenal.

It got its name from the freely rotating gun platforms mounted on the repulsorcraft. These platforms were designed to accommodate various kinds of weaponry, based on mission requirements. Armed with stripped down anti-personnel and anti-vehicle batteries, each vehicle could be equipped with anything from two to four weapon batteries, based on its battlefield assignment. Each weapon had the option of being operated by individual gunners or linked together to save manpower. 

The defunct Kelliak Arms and Armor Company advertised the Freerunner as the "ultimate in fast, flexible firepower", which allowed the owner the "freedom to meet any combat situation with the appropriate countermeasure". In the end, the product did not appeal to the Imperial Army, and so the entire advanced stock of Freerunners was sold to arms merchants and undercover Rebel agents. 

The Freerunner featured a standard open-air cockpit, which allowed for increased visibility for the driver, it also made the driver a prime target and limited the vehicle's use under certain atmospheric conditions. Thus whenever possible, Rebel techs modified the cockpit to be enclosed. 

Packing an offensive punch, Freerunners were like medium tanks and had reasonable maneuverability and armor. 

The prestigious Raithal Academy utilized simulations of attacking Freerunners to hone their All Terrain Armored Transport pilots.

During the Fifth Battle of Yavin IV, they would serve as part of the Rebel ground defense.

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