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Combat Cloud Car

Craft: Ubrikkian Talon I Combat Cloud Car
Type: Cloud Car
Length: 10 Meters
Weapons: Double Blaster Cannon
Crew: 1 Pilot
Top Speed: 1,500 Kilometers per hour
Troop Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: 50 Kilograms
Passengers: None

Combat Cloud Cars are a combination patrol and combat vehicle that are used throughout the galaxy. These vehicles follow the standard cloud car design, with linked ion and repulsorlift engines and a sealed cabin for high altitude flight. Many different models are offered by prominent vehicles manufactures, including Bespin Motors, Ubrikkiab, Aratech, Merkuun, and SoroSuub.

Combat Cloud Cars are popular because they fill a gap between airspeeders and starfighters. They have enough weaponry to stand up to fighters and freighters but are much cheaper than space-capable fighters. They are excellent for both lower- and upper-atmosphere duty, with a maximum altitude of around one hundred kilometers on most human-standard worlds. They have superior maneuverability and excellent speed: some combat cloud cars can reach up to 1,500 kilometers per hour, making them capable of outrunning most starfighters in an atmospheric setting.

They are significantly more reliable than heavily modified airspeeders, requiring far less maintenance and downtime. Replacement parts are standardized for several models, allowing technicians to perform improvised emergency repairs. Combat cloud cars can be deployed almost anywhere, and their ion engines allow them to be assigned to bases where repulsorlift-only vehicles can't work, such as planets with unusual gravitational fields.

Most combat cloud cars have extra hull plating and enhanced weapons systems. Aside from patrol and combat missions, these cars can be assigned to customs duty, forward scouting, and even traffic control over busy starports and speederways.

The Noghri use Ubrikkian Talon I Combat Cloud Cars that were supplied by the empire. The TalonI cars are used to patrol their homeworld of Honoghr, with support provided by small patrol ships orbiting the planet. When dispatched patrol craft, the Norghri follow standard Imperial protocols and send out the vehicles in pairs. This may be an exceptionally light defense web for most worlds, but Grand Admiral Thrawn considered the Noghri to be extremely loyal to the Empire- and Honoghr has few resources worth fighting over.

The Talon I Cloud Car has a single pod with two outstretched airfoils and a main fin for manueverability. A double blaster cannon is mounted in the nose of the pod and a single Ubrikkan Servant ion/repulsorlift engine is mounted in the rear of the vessel. The engine is low and exposed to the air for exceptional cooling. Each wing has a trio of maneuvering jets and emergency braking thrusters. Noghri technicians at the main starport in Nystao are responsible for the maintenance and repair of these vessel.

Honoghr's minimal defenses allowed Luke Skywalker to seek refuge among the Noghri. When he was escorted in for landing, two combat cloud cars guided him to a valley where the Noghri were modeling the reconstruction of their planet's ecosystem.

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