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General Jan Dodonna

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1.82 Meters





Weapon(s) of Choice:

Blaster Pistol

The grizzled Rebel leader who devised the plan to destroy the first Death Star. Dodonna, formerly an officer of the Old Republic, defected to the Rebellion soon after the Emperor’s rise to power. When he received the Death Star schematics, his brilliant tactical mind discovered the battle station’s weakness and allowed the Alliance to claim its first victory. After the Battle of Yavin, Dodonna was captured by Imperial forces and spent the next several years in a prison camp, but he eventually escaped and became one of the New Republic’s most trusted advisors.

During his military training, Dodonna focused his studies on logistics, data analysis, and siege warfare. His expertise in these areas allowed him to take an assignment as one of the first Star Destroyer captains. He eventually resigned this post when it became clear that Senator Palpatine would become the Emperor. Dodonna would have been content to live out the rest of his life far removed from the Galactic Civil War, but Imperial officers believed he would be a threat to their New Order. Thus, they decided to execute the aging general. Just as Imperial troops arrived to carry out these orders, Dodonna was rescued by Alliance commandos. After realizing the extent of the Empire’s evil, Dodonna willingly joined the Rebellion. He rapidly became one of the Alliance’s highest-ranking military commanders, answering only to Mon Mothma and the Alliance council.

Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Dodonna was presented with the Death Star schematics. In a matter of hours, he and Commander Evram Lajaie discovered the Death Star’s weakness: a small exhaust port leading into the reactor shaft and the very heart of the space station. He theorized that a proton torpedo fired directly into the port would travel into the reactor core and cause a chain reaction that would destroy the Death Star. Luke Skywalker proved Dodonna’s theory correct and the Death Star was consumed in a massive explosion.

Throughout the year following the Battle of Yavin, Dodonna remained in command of the Rebel base on Yavin 4. When his son was tragically killed, Dodonna entered several months of deep depression, but he continued to serve faithfully. Eventually, Imperial forces rallied and invaded the base and Dodonna was forced to order a full-scale evacuation. However, the withered general opted to stay behind as his allies fled. As the Imperials approached, he activated concussion charges responsible for destroying an entire fleet of TIE bombers. Unfortunately, Dodonna was wounded and captured in the process. Although already crippled by his experiences, Dodonna was imprisoned in the Lusankya, a buried Imperial Super Star Destroyer that had been converted into a harsh penal institution. While incarcerated, Dodonna helped at least one Rebel escape the prison. He was later rescued by an Alliance assault team.

Once reunited with the Rebellion, Dodonna entered a state of semiretirement. His many months of suffering had weakened his body, and his injuries left him dependent upon a cane. Yet, six years after the Battle of Endor, Dodonna reappeared and aided the New Republic in the war against the reborn Emperor. During this conflict, Dodonna’s advice led to the defeat of the Imperial World Devastators, as chronicled in Dark Empire.

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