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Genetech Laboratories 2JTJ Personal Navigation Droid


1.7 Meters




Jedi Order

Weapon(s) of Choice:


2JTJ was a personal navigation droid designed by Genetech Laboratories and was provided by the Jedi temple to Master Tahl after she was blinded on Melida/Daan. These droids specialize in being a personal aide designed to assist the newly sightless.

The 2JTJ used many features of a standard protocol droid. Some of these included a silvery humanoid frame and an advanced personality program. It head had many additional sensor nodes that enabled the droid to make infrared scans, project radar sweeps, generate echolocating pings, and fire invisible, low power lasers to measure distances. The droid also had extra-long arms to help its master in case they stumbled. 

The droid could receive either feminine or masculine programming at the owner's request. Although either one of these created a personality that was annoyingly perky. The droid's good cheer and happiness could be somewhat annoying when a patient was still working through the stressfulness of losing their sight.

In any year, 80% of all 2JTJ droids were sold to hospitals and rehab centers. Doctors employed these 2JTJ droids to work with patients who had recently lost their sight to accident or disease. They also helped with those who have cyborg optic implants, but found it difficult to make the transition to digitized vision. The other 20% of 2JTJ droids were bought by private individuals who usually lived alone and needed a helping hand once in a while. Genetech slowly grew the market for the 2JTJ by advertising the model to nonhumans who lacked normal optical senses. 

These droids also made very capable chauffeur and could find the most direct route to any destination with its automapping software. Also, when traveling on foot the droid recited any obstacles appearing in the master's path. Sometimes though the droid was a little too helpful. In the case with Jedi Master Tahl the droid mentioned every root and leaf in the way of the Jedi.

2JTJ helped her with her new life, providing assistance so she could start getting used to her new condition. However, the failed Jedi Xanatos installed an audio and video spying device inside him in order to track Qui-Gon Jinn and Tahl's investigations. When they discovered the trick, they prepared a trap to Xanatos. In the end, it continued serving Tahl.

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