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Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

Nebulon-B.gif (28731 bytes)

Craft: Kuat Drive Yard Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
Type: Escort Starship
Length: 300 Meters
12 Turbolaser Batteries
12 Quad Laser Cannons
2 Tractor Beam Projectors
Crew: 920 (78 Officers, 842 Enlisted)
Top Speed: 40 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 75
Cargo Capacity:
6,000 Metric Tons
2 Squadrons of Fighters
Passengers: 75

The Nebulon-B Escort Frigate is three hundred meters long and was originally designed by the Empire for use against Rebel Starfighters, which had scored several victories against poorly defended Imperial cargo convoys (much to the embarrassment Imperial Navy commanders).  The Alliance acquired several Nebulon-B Frigates when a number of the vessels were captured by Rebel forces, and when crews defected to the Alliance.  These Escort Frigates proved to be key starships in the Alliances fleet, especially in the early stages of the war against the Empire.  As larger cruisers came into the Rebel fleet, the alliance converted several of the Nebulon-B ships into medical frigates, command ships, long-range reconnaissance ships, and search and rescue frigates.

Standard Nebulon-B frigates are equipped with twelve turbolaser batteries (for use against capital ships) and twelve laser cannons (for starfighters).  Nebulon-Bs often are equipped with a pair of tractor-beam projectors.  Each ship can carry two squadrons of twelve fighters in interior landing bays, and these ships have several docking fixtures for light and medium freighters.  Many Nebulon-Bs include sophisticated sensors and deep space,  multi-frequency antennas, allowing them to function as long-range scouts or relay battle information to a command vessel.  In many cases, a short-handed Rebel task force used a Nebulon-B as a command ship, with Corellian corvettes and gun ships acting as supplementary capital ships. 

Though Nebulon-B frigates are medium-size combat ships, they pack more weaponry than does any other vessel in their class except Carrack-class light cruisers, and the Nebulon-B's contingent of fighters make it the superior vessel.  While the ship is slow and unwieldy, the Rebel Alliance mastered the art of using the Nebulon-B as a base ship for strike missions against vulnerable Imperial targets.  Often, the Escort Frigate didn't even have to enter the battle zone.

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