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Rebel Base On Orion IV

Orion IV hosted a Rebel base that was destroyed by the Galactic Empire as part of Operation Strike Fear. Operation Strike Fear was code for a major offensive initiated by the Galactic Empire in response to their loss at the Battle of Turkana.

Its objective was to suppress Rebel opposition and spread fear of the Emperor's power. Its secondary purpose also could have been to keep the Rebellion occupied while the Empire secretly completed the Death Star I. The campaign was led by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Invincible.

Due to heavy Rebel presence in the Tion Hegemony Sector, the operation began in the Dellalt system and then spread throughout the entire sector after its first goal had been accomplished: destroying the Rebel base on Brigia. Knowing that the Empire's first target was the Alliance base on Brigia, Alliance High Command ordered the evacuation of the base. Despite severe losses, most of the Rebels escaped.

The procedure was to blockade the planet and then perform orbital bombardment against the planetary shield before the final overwhelming assault of the rebel installations by Imperial ground forces decimating all resistance.

Several Rebel pilots stationed on the base were captured during the battle, some newly acquired R-22 Spearheads were used for the base defense, but not in enough numbers to have had any influence on the outcome of the battle.

The battle was the earliest known appearance of the Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wings and the first Imperial-era AT-AT walkers.

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