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Sith Infiltrator

Sith Infiltrator 2.jpg (9132 bytes)

Craft: Sienar Design Systems
Type: Sith Infiltrator
Length: 26.5 Meters
6 Concealed Laser Cannons
Cloaking Device
Crew: 1 Crew
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: Up to 6
Cargo Capacity:
Passengers: Up to 6

Darth Maul’s personal starship. A sinister craft with a long nose and bent wings, the Sith Infiltrator’s most notable feature is its powerful cloaking device capable of rendering the starship invisible to virtually all sensors. The Sith Infiltrator is armed with concealed laser cannons, and it carries a wide range of equipment, including probe droids and the Sith warrior’s speeder. Maul employed his Infiltrator to conduct missions of espionage and assassination.

Designed by Raith Sienar and based on an armed courier developed by Sienar’s Advanced Projects laboratory, the Infiltrator’s most impressive feature is its cloaking device. The device is powered by rare and expensive stygium crystals found only on the volatile Outer Rim planet Aeten II. When activated, the cloaking device effectively conceals the Infiltrator from all sensors.

The Infiltrator’s weapons system includes six laser cannons. It is propelled through space by a powerful ion drive, although its Sienar SSDS 11-A hyperdrive provides only modest hyperspace travel speed.

The Infiltrator can carry a wide range of tools and devices. A speeder bike can by deployed though an underside cargo hatch, while numerous compartments hold probe droids, torture devices, interrogator droids, surveillance gear, bombs, mines, poisons, weapons, and other equipment.

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