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Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

Craft: Lambda-class T4a Shuttle
Type: Imperial Shuttle
Length: 20 Meters
3 Double Blaster Cannons
2 Double Laser Cannons
Crew: 4 Command Crew, 2 Officers
Top Speed: 50 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 20 Soldiers
Cargo Capacity:
80 Metric Tons
Passengers: 20

A well-armed Lambda-class cargo and passenger shuttle with three wings and seating for up to twenty troops. Lambda-class shuttles are favored by Imperial officials, including the late Emperor, due to their combat capabilities and hyperdrive engines. Han Solo’s strike team used one of these vessels, the Tydirium, to slip past Imperial forces surrounding the forest moon of Endor.

Lambda-class shuttles were originally designed by Sienar Fleet Systems, and are designed to carry up to twenty passengers or eighty tons of cargo. Unlike other similar Imperial transports, the Lambda shuttles have a hyperdrive, allowing passengers and cargo to be transported between systems and fleets.

For protection, the shuttle has two forward-mounted double blaster cannons and two double laser cannons, and a rear-mounted double blaster cannon. It was also protected by a powerful deflector shield, which was powered by multiple generators. A Lambda was covered by a heavily reinforced hull capable of deflecting laser fire. The shuttle class was so well armed that it was able to travel across the Galaxy without an escort, thus making it suitable for covert operations. A military version of the shuttle manufactured by Cygnus Spaceworks has ten laser cannons.

The Lambda-class shuttle’s command crew normally consists of four Imperials, but can be expanded to include two officers responsible for secured communications and power allocation. The transports are preferred by Imperial officials, who often convert the large interior cargo space into additional passenger seating or personal quarters.

In an emergency the cockpit could be jettisoned from the main body and travel a short distance under sublight speed. The lifeboat did not have enough space for all passengers when the shuttle had its full complement and therefore priority was given to the most senior officers onboard.

The Tydirium was a Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial Lambda-class shuttle, occasionally used as a personal shuttle by Darth Vader.

A team of Rebel Alliance commandos, during the Mission to Zhar, had to capture the shuttle as part of the Alliance's plan to destroy the second Death Star. The shuttle was parked at Outpost 327, a cargo depot in the Zhar system. Rebel pilot Ace Azzameen, piloting his family's personal YT-1300 transport, the Sabra, landed at the outpost, disguised as a supplies ship. 

While Azzameen and his co-pilot MK-09 stalled the facility commander, the Rebel Commandos hidden on the ship sneaked out and captured the Tydirium. As they tried to escape, the Imperial forces in the area scrambled TIE Bombers to intercept them. With the Sabra escorting it, the Tydirium raced to get to the hyperspace point. Azzameen called in Rogue Squadron to aid in the operation, and the Tydirium successfully escaped. 

However, the Empire somehow retrieved the shuttle sometime later, possibly intercepting the ship before it reached the Rebel fleet. As a result, she was re-captured by Wedge Antilles during the Mission on Prefsbelt IV. Wedge, piloting a T-47 airspeeder, used stealth to infiltrate an outlying outpost of the Prefsbelt IV Naval Academy and killed a TIE Fighter pilot. He commandeered the craft and infiltrated the academy, where he narrowly escaped from the pursuing Imperial forces. 

The Tydirium, disguised as a supply shuttle and piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca, was used to sneak past Imperial defenses and place a strike team on the forest moon of Endor.

The strike team was jointly commanded by Solo and Brenn Tantor, who coordinated the effort from the shuttle, using a portable BHCI. The team accomplished their mission to deactivate the deflector shield generator protecting the second Death Star, which allowed Rebel starfighters to strike at the Death Star's core and destroy it. 

After the destruction of the second Death Star, the Tydirium was used by Solo, Chewbacca, and the Katarn Commandos to board and capture the Imperial Star Destroyer Accuser.

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