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TIE Droid Fighter

TIE Droid Fighter.jpg (46281 bytes)

Craft: TIE/d Fighter                 
Type: Short Range Automated Fighter
Length: 6.1 Meters
2 Laser Cannons
Crew: 1 Fully Automated Droid Brain
Top Speed: 111 MGLT
Troop Capacity: N/A
Cargo Capacity: N/A
Passengers: N/A

The pilotless TIE Droid unit fighters run by onboard droids, designed by Arndall Lott following the Battle of Endor. Lott used the Katana fleet as an inspiration, seeing that the automated systems could work if implemented correctly. Lott originally automated the AT-AT Walkers, but his early work suffered from lack of computer power.

The TIE Droid has received the best automation the Empire can afford, and can be used as independent fighters or computer-slaved squadrons. However, the initial TIE Droids are not very powerful, and are only effective in large numbers. The TIE Droid measures 6.1 meters, and resembles the center section of a TIE Fighter with squared-off TIE Interceptor-like wings which were flat and tilted.

The TIE Droids are armed with a pair of laser cannons, and lacks a hyperdrive. A Cybot Galactica Ace-6 combat droid brain is the heart of the ship, but is shown to be greatly inferior to human pilots. The TIE Droid, although produced in large volumes to overwhelm New Republic starfighters, were originally produced by the nuclear furnaces and factories of World Devastators.

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