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TIE Ground Targeting Fighter

Craft: TIE/gt Fighter
Type: Short Range Ground Targeting Support Fighter
Length: 6.3 Meters
1 Laser Cannon
1 Concussion Missile Launcher
1 General Purpose Launcher
Crew: 1
Top Speed: 75 MGLT
Troop Capacity: N/A
Cargo Capacity: 65 Kilograms
Passengers: N/A

The TIE/gt is the predecessor of the TIE bomber. The TIE/gt is essentially a standard TIE fighter with an expanded hull loaded with proton torpedoes and bombs to support ground troops. Based on the standard TIE/ln, it measured 6.3 meters in length and was armed with a single laser cannon and a concussion missile launcher.

With the retirement of the Z-95 by the Empire, a tactical niche was left empty, that of an aerospace attack fighter. To fill that gap, the TIE Fighter was modified with an extended fuselage, holding a light concussion missile launcher. Intended to destroy ground installations and heavy vehicles rather than infantry units, the use of the armor-penetrating concussion missiles replaced proton weapons to save weight. The cost of the new weapon was in engine efficiency: it isn't as fast as the TIE Fighter. For self-defense and strafing, it a single laser cannon found of the model found on the TIE Fighter.

The TIE Interceptor has also been adapted into a Ground Targeting Fighter for added speed.

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