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Chariot LAV

Craft: Uulshos Chariot Light Assault Vehicle (LAV)
Type: Light Assault Vehicle
Length: 11.8 Meters
Weapons: 1 Laser Cannon
Crew: 3 (Unit Commander, Driver, Bodyguard/Gunner)
Top Speed: 100 Kilometers per hour
Troop Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: 10 Kilograms
Passengers: None

The Uulshos Chariot light assault vehicle (LAV) is a command speeder that was used extensively by Imperial Army command personnel. This modified military landspeeder is approximately twelve meters long and has a top speed of one hundred kilometers per hour. The chariot flies at a maximum altitude of eight meters, allowing it to skim over most low-lying obstructions.

The chariot was one of the more common command speeders in the Imperial Army; this was due to its low per unit cost than to exceptional performance. This vehicle seldom entered combat but instead acted as a rear echelon command vehicle that could keep pace with advancing Imperial soldiers, repulsorcraft, and walkers. The Chariot command speeder was normally deployed with artillery or repulsorlift platoons, although it could also be assigned to scouting units for special missions.

Each chariot has an armored canopy and layered armor plates to absorb low power blasts. Electronic countermeasures fill the rear half of the craft, providing protection against electromagnetic bursts and other disruption tactics. The communications bay has a sophisticated signal scrambler for outgoing transmissions, making it virtually impossible for enemy units to intercept and decode enemy communiqués.

The assault vehicle has only a single short-range laser cannon for use in last-ditch defense, but accompanying escort vehicles normally are expected to handle any enemy troops foolish enough to attack. The onboard laser cannon drops out of a hatch beneath the main cabin and faces forward.

The vehicle normally carries a crew of three: the driver, the commander, and the bodyguard/gunner. However, an entire command staff can be crammed aboard the vehicle if necessary. At least four communications droids are assigned to the communications array.

The Chariot's onboard computers are equipped with advanced battle assistance programs, holographic tactical battlefield displays, and complete communications arrays, giving the commander access to the most detailed intelligence available. Imperial commanders could coordinate the actions over a dozen combat units and were able to provide a continuous datafeed to central military command.

As Grand Admiral Thrawn prepared for his campaign against the New Republic, he conducted a systematic upgrade of the Chariot and other aging repulsorcraft. The Chariot's laser cannon was replaced with a more powerful swivel gun. Thrown used a command speeder to coordinate his search for Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade in the dense forests of Myrkr, at least until that command speeder was crushed in the town square of Hyllyard City when Luke Skywalker toppled a ten-meter-tall stone arch on top of it.

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