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(All Terrain Armored Transport)

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Craft: Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport Walker (AT-AT)
Type: Walker
Height: 15.5 Meters Tall and 20.6 Meters Long
2 Heavy Laser Cannons
2 Fire-Linked Medium Blasters
4 Durasteel Feet
5 Speeder Bikes
Crew: 5
Top Speed: 60 Kilometers per hour over even terrain
Troop Capacity: 40 Troops or 2 AT-STs
Cargo Capacity: 1 Metric Ton
Passengers: 40

The imposing Imperial walker used by the Empire for ground assaults, such as the attack on Rebels’ Echo Base on Hoth. Encased in a heavy armor shell, AT-ATs are almost impossible to damage with conventional weapons, and their unceasing approach causes fear in even the most hardened Rebel soldiers. While designed as unstoppable troop transport, AT-ATs function equally well as combat vehicles, employing a set of four head-mounted laser cannons and their heavy feet to crush the enemy.

In excess of 15 meters tall and 20 meters long, AT-ATs can stride across a flat battlefield at up to 60 kilometers an hour, approaching enemy installations with surprising speed. Once engaged, AT-ATs deliver devastating laser blasts from the cannons mounted beneath the cockpit. They also utilize head-mounted medium blasters to provide cover fire for ground troops. Because the AT-ATs head can sweep from side to side, or up and down, the vehicle has an impressive field of fire.

AT-ATs drop to a planet’s surface via mammoth landing barges. Once in range of a target, the giant machines kneel to within three meters of the ground and lower rear assault ramps. Typically, each AT-AT transports at least 40 stormtroopers, five speeder bikes, and an assortment of weapons, including E-web repeating blasters.

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