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Dark Trooper-Phase III


Dark Trooper-Phase III


3.5 Meters


Arc Hammer



Weapon(s) of Choice:

Assault Cannon, Seeker Missiles 

The Phase III dark trooper was the last and most powerful dark trooper exoskeleton/droid. It dwarfed even the Phase II dark trooper, and was intended to be the armor of the next generation of stormtroopers. It was sometimes even classified as a bipedal tank.

Had the project come to full realization, it would have produced the perfect battlefield infantry unit—an amalgam of a clone's creativity, unpredictability, and initiative combined with the resilience and firepower of a heavy battle droid. The exoskeleton provided its wearer with increased firepower, strength, and durability. 

The Phase III trooper's standard weapon complement included a large handheld assault cannon and two shoulder-mounted seeker missile launcher racks that were hidden under the suit's shoulder plates when not in use. 

Some of the Phase III Dark Troopers also were equipped with an array of integrated weaponry, including a pair of dual blaster cannons, two in each wrist, and six PLEX rocket tubes located under the shoulder plates, three per shoulder. 

Only a small number of Phase III dark troopers managed to be ever constructed; one was the armor of General Rom Mohc, who used it as an exosuit in single combat against Kyle Katarn during a battle onboard the colossal factory ship Arc Hammer. However, Mohc was defeated and Arc Hammer was destroyed, costing the Empire billions of credits and thus bringing the Dark Trooper Project to a premature end. 

Following the destruction of the Arc Hammer, some units were still left in operation. For instance, some working models of the Phase III dark trooper were present during Tyber Zann's theft of a Sith artifact on Coruscant four years after The Battle of Yavin.

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