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Trade Federation Droid Control Ship

Trade Federation Battleship 2.jpg (8526 bytes)

Craft: Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc Trade Federation Battleship
Type: Modified Trade Federation Cargo Ship
Diameter: 3,170 Meters
42 Quad Laser Emplacements
Crew: Unknown
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: Unknown
Cargo Capacity:
1,500 Droid Starfighters
50 C-9979 Landing Ships
550 MTTs
6,250 AATs
1,500 Troop Carriers
Passengers: Unknown

A huge battleship modified to broadcast a control signal to the thousands of battle droids and droid starfighters that comprise the Trade Federation’s massive army. Like all Trade Federation battleships, the droid control ship is equipped with dozens of quad laser emplacements and heavy shielding. The starship can house up to 1,500 droid starfighters, which can be released to overwhelm enemy forces. Such battleships are extremely difficult to damage, but Anakin Skywalker destroyed one over Naboo when he flew into the vessel’s hangar and accidentally targeted its main reactor with proton torpedoes.

All Trade Federation battleships, including the important droid control ship, are modified cargo vessels originally built by the Trade Federation for commercial purposes. When conflict with the Republic became a possibility, Trade Federation officials opted to convert these massive vessels into functional battleships rather than construct or buy starships specifically designed for war. Because the Trade Federation cargo ships were a common sight among thousands of worlds, potential victims would not be aware of an attack until it was too late.

In order to convert the cargo transports for war, the Trade Federation added numerous quad laser batteries. These rotate inward, allowing them to be concealed until needed. For the most part, the hangars needed very little modification to carry the Trade Federation’s army, although electrified ceiling racks designed to carry and recharge droid starfighters were installed in outer hangar zones.

Although converting cargo transports into battleships proved cost effective, the war machines do have notable weaknesses that more conventional battleships do not possess. For example, the quad laser batteries can only be attached to a cargo transport’s equatorial bands, resulting in limited coverage from the weapons. Gaps in coverage can be exploited by starfighters or starships brave enough to fly very close to the Trade Federation battleship. During such encounters the battleship must release droid starfighters for protection.

All Trade Federation battleships have a series of armored hangars. Some are sealed to contain dangerous or toxic materials, but most are designed to hold troop transports, tanks, and other vehicles. The outer hangar, known as Zone 1, receives arriving starships, which are guided into the hangar with multiple tractor beams. Trade Federation landing ships also prepare for launch in Zone 1. Zone 2, the middle hangar, is reserved for loading and arming landing ships and tanks. Landing ships are actually assembled in the inner hangar (Zone 3). Droid starfighters can be found dangling from ceiling racks in any of the hangars.

The droid control ship can be differentiated from other battleships by its prominent transmission towers, receiver antennas, monitor sensors, and other communications gear. The droid control ship is also equipped with extra reactors designed to power the transmission equipment. Housed within the droid control ship is a central control computer, which generates and broadcasts commands to the troops in the Trade Federation’s droid army.

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