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Ssi-ruuvi Picket Ship

Craft: Fw'Sen-class Picket Ship
Type: Cruiser
Length: 50 Meters
2 Laser Cannons
2 Turbolasers
6 Ion Cannons
13 P'w'ecks
6 Enteched Servant Droids
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: Unknown
Cargo Capacity: Unknown
Passengers: Unknown

The Ssi-ruuvi invasion force at Bakura included twenty light Fw'Sen picket ships. Such small combat ships are utilized to supplement the larger Ssi-ruuvi cruisers and disable enemy vessels so that their crews may be captured and enteched. They are also used to guard the perimeters of Ssi-ruuvi fleets, and they escort Sh'ner-class planetary assault carriers when the carriers are deploying their P'w'eck troop landers.

Fw'Sen picket ships are just under fifty meters long and are crewed only by the Ssi-ruuvi P'w'eck servants. The ships are extremely fragile—even the Millennium Falcon's quad laser cannons were powerful enough to destroy one of these vessels, once its shields were disabled. The Ssi-ruuk designers decided to rely on shield generators instead of thick hull plating, so the Fw'Sen gunships need an incredible amount of energy (which is supplied by the consumption of heavy fusionables and supplemented by enteched life force energy). This makes P'w'eck crews dependent on their masters for survival, giving the Ssi-ruuk yet another tool for controlling the sometimes rebellious creatures.

These Fw'Sen gunships, like the large Ssi-ruuvi cruisers, rely on ion cannons instead of lasers, since capturing ships is far more important than destroying them. A ring of six ion cannons is built around the hull's vertical centerline, and the weapons can be linked for sustained fire on any target.

A pair of standard laser cannons are mounted near the front of the ship and are quite capable of dealing with small freighters and fighters. Fw'Sen picket ships have no space battle droids abroad, so they are often deployed in groups to guard each other's flanks.

Fw'Sen gunships have crews of thirteen P'w'ecks and about half a dozen enteched servant droids. While this arrangement has meant that performance can suffer, the lack of Ssi-ruuk aboard allows the ships to be considered "disposable" for dangerous missions. Ssi-ruuvi commanders have shown a clear preference for sending these ships on suicide missions.

While the P'w'ecks can pilot the ships, Ssi-ruuvi commanders often choose to control the ships remotely, from their main cruisers, and allow the P'w'ecks access only to the weapons systems. The ship's crew members are fitted with neural inhibitors, which the Ssi-ruuk can activate remotely to stun and disable any P'w'ecks who refuse to follow orders.

Five of the twenty deployed Fw'Sen picket ships were destroyed in the original attack on Bakura, while many more were destroyed after the Rebel Alliance relief fleet arrived in-system. The Rebel Alliance and the Bakurans captured several of the small cruisers and began refitting them for use in their respective fleets. However, the technicians had a great deal of trouble, because the vessels have insufficient shielding to protect the crew from radiation.

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