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Class II Frigate

(Rand Ecliptic)

Craft: Rothana Heavy Engineering's Class II Frigate
Type: Frigate Cruiser
Length: 750 Meters
Weapons: Unknown
Crew: Unknown
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: Unknown
Cargo Capacity: 16 TIE Fighters
Passengers: Unknown

The Rand Ecliptic was a large Imperial warship during the time of the Galactic Civil War. It was a Class II Frigate and was first commanded by Captain Heliesk, serving the Galactic Empire. Twilight Squadron was stationed aboard the ship.

Class II Frigates had two extensive hangars on both sides of the hull, which accommodated for a number of TIE/ln starfighters. These ships could perform several tasks, such as patrolling shipping lanes and engaging Rebel or pirate forces, or simply doing support work for the Imperial Navy.

Upon the graduation of pilots Biggs Darklighter, Derek Klivian, as well as their classmates from the Imperial Academy, they were assigned to the Rand Ecliptic as part of its complement of TIE/ln starfighter squadrons. Both Darklighter and Klivian were involved with different Rebel cells on the ship, and there were also two other cells, none of which knew of the existence of the others.

However, heavy fleet-engagement was not on the agenda for such ships, as officers fresh out of the Imperial Academy were being assigned as junior-staff on board Rand Ecliptic. It was the first mission-assignment for Biggs Darklighter. Some of the crew found the Empire's methods and corrupt military culture unbearable and defected to the Rebel cause.

While Darklighter and his cell were having a secret meeting in order to discuss how they should pull off a defection they were interrupted by Klivian—this subsequently caused a scuffle between Klivian and Darklighter which caused Darklighter and his cell to defect from the Empire sooner than he had originally planned. Unaware of Darklighter, Klivian, who also had to push his plans ahead, began his own insurrection with his Rebel cell with the help of yet another Rebel cell aboard Rand Ecliptic. Klivian was able to lead the mutiny to success, taking over Rand Ecliptic. Ironically, unbeknownst to any of them at the time, the captain himself was a Rebel agent. 

Meanwhile, Darklighter and his group escaped the Rand Ecliptic during the chaos on TIE Fighters—which were absent of hyperdrives. While hiding out in deep space for hours with few supplies and little air, they eventually decided to return to Rand Ecliptic to raid the ships fuel and food supplies. Darklighter was surprised to find that Klivian had commandeered the vessel. At some point after the mutiny, Imperial forces attempted to stop the Rand Ecliptic from escaping to the Rebellion, but Darklighter dumped half of the ship's cargo of rubindum into the path of pursuing TIE Fighters. Under the command of Klivian, with Darklighter as his first mate, Rand Ecliptic was taken to a Rebel base on Yavin 4. It participated in a raid on Incom's X-wing assembly facility.

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