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Coruscant Death Stars

Base: Space Station
Type: Custom Deep-Space Battle Station
Size: 130 Kilometers in Diameter Each
1 Superlaser Each
5,000 Turbolaser Batteries Each
2,500 Heavy Turbolasers Each
2,500 Laser Cannons Each
2,500 Ion Cannons Each
1,000 Proton Torpedo Launchers Each
768 Tractor Beam Projectors Each
447,048 General Crew Members Each
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity:
260,000 Naval Troops Each
27,000 Stormtroopers Each
380,000 Support Personnel Each
100,000 Fighter Pilots Each
Cargo Capacity: Unknown
Passengers: Unknown

Incomplete twin Death Stars were under construction in orbit around Imperial Center at approximately the time of the Battle of Endor. Unfortunately, it seems as if neither was ever completed far enough to be useful. It is unknown whether the Rebel Alliance was aware of the existence of these nascent battle stations when the attack on the Endor facility was planned. The rebels probably would not have had the audacity to assault the heavily fortified Coruscant shipyards, even if they knew about these ominous constructions. As bait, these stations would be useless to the Emperor, and he would find little value in allowing the existence of these stations to be leaked to Rebel spies, as he did for the Endor project. In any case they seem to have been abandoned and dismantled within months of the Emperor's fall.

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