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Archived News

October 2000

10.31.00 Happy Halloween from Galactic Voyage!

10.31.00 Who will be Palpatine's Aide?

10.31.00 Attempt on Padmé's Life?

10.31.00 How many unique sets have been built for Episode II? How many craftspeople were needed to build them?

10.30.00 Watto's Role in Episode II

10.30.00 When creating engine sounds, such as the hyperdrive engine for the Queen's ship or the submarine, do you base these sound designs in physics or simply come up with something that sounds 'cool'?

10.29.00 Will C-3PO be covered or uncovered?

10.28.00 An Award for Galactic Voyage!

10.28.00 Sidious Revealed!

10.27.00 Jek Porkins Added to the Characters Section!

10.27.00 We are sorrowful for the Riddler's loss!

10.26.00 New Episode II Select is here!

10.25.00 Has anybody (Ewan, Liam, Hayden, etc.) ever gotten whacked really hard during a lightsaber fight?

10.25.00 When and how will Anakin turn to the Dark Side?

10.24.00 Galactic Voyage Wins Another Award!

10.24.00 New Fan Art!

10.23.00 Are there any interns/apprentices on the concept team?

10.22.00 Sandtrooper Added to the Characters Section!

10.22.00 Rise of the Stormtrooper Army!

10.21.00 Garindan Added to the Characters Section!

10.20.00 A hint into the future of Episode II and III

10.19.00 New Episode II Select Posted!

10.19.00 Episode II Sounds!

10.18.00 Lak Sivrak Added to the Characters Section!

10.17.00 Could you try to articulate the difference between special effects and visual effects?

10.17.00 Anakin and the Dark Side!

10.16.00 David Duchovny not in Episode III?

10.15.00 Galactic Voyage and Watto's Junkyard become affiliates!

10.15.00 Stormtrooper Added to the Characters Section!

10.14.00 We Have Fan Art!

10.13.00 Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi Added to the Characters Section!

10.12.00 New Episode II Select!

10.12.00 Episode II Preview Figure?

10.11.00 The destroyer droids were very complex mechanically. How much of the 'interworkings' of the pieces were part of the concept phase?

10.10.00 David Duchovny and Episode III?

10.9.00 The Sith Origin!

10.8.00 Galactic Voyage Wins Award!

10.8.00 It's been said that Ray Park will not be reprising his role as Darth Maul in Episode II, but rumors have it that he has joined the production crew as your assistant fight choreographer for Episode II. Is any of that true?

10.7.00 Kabe Added to the Characters Section!

10.6.00 Galactic Voyage's Simulation Game!

10.5.00 Episode II Select Updated!

10.4.00 Muftak Added to the Characters Section!

10.3.00 How did things go at the new studios? Did you miss Leavesden Studios in England at all?

10.2.00 More on New Episode II Character!

10.1.00 How long does the actual filming of a movie like the upcoming Episode II actually take? Is most of the time taken up by post-production, like special effects and editing, etc...?

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