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We Have an Anakin!!

Hayden Christensen

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Special thanks to Episode for the anouncement of the casting for  the role of the new Anakin.  Here is the e-mail:

I'm sure you've heard already, but in case you haven't - Hayden got Star Wars!!!!!

Yup, two picture deal as Anakin Skywalker!!!! Merchandising deal,etc. Wahooooo!! And the way George Lucas first became aware of Hayden was by way of the pilot episode of HG, which his agent/manager sent to Lucas to screen....which, of course, you wrote!!!! So there's another huge claim to fame for you!!! Congrats!!

Anyway, I guess the Lucas camp is trying to keep the announcement under wraps until Monday - they want to do a big spread in Time Magazine!! Can you imagine?? We all went out last night to celebrate and needless to say Hayden is thrilled, in shock, etc.

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