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Archived News

June 2001

6.30.01 New Site of the Month!

6.30.01 Why does it take three years between the release of the new Star Wars movies?

6.29.01 Homing Beacon #38!

6.29.01 The Making of Episode II Part 4-Screen Shots!

6.29.01 Mace's Episode II Teaser Poster!

6.29.01 Elektro's Episode III

6.29.01 Headpieces in Episode II Select!

6.28.01 The Making of Episode II Part 4!

6.27.01 Newest Feature-Galactic Fanatic!

6.26.01 Our Affiliate becomes The Star Wars DataBase!

6.25.01 Elektro Strikes Again!

6.24.01 Elektro's Prince Xizor!

6.23.01 Please Re-submit!

6.23.01 Episode II Update!

6.22.01 Mace in Episode II Select!

6.22.01 Elektro Sends "Rebels do it better"!

6.20.01 New Imperial Forces Info at Star!

6.20.01 Elektro Sends New Wallpaper!

6.19.01 The Phantom Menace DVD is Official!

6.18.01 Preorder 12" Figures from KBKids!

6.17.01 Garry Gaber Chat!

6.16.01 SSWS Announces its First Fan Film Production!

6.16.01 New Wallpaper by Elektro!

6.15.01 Assignment-X Launches-T`bone's SWU Re-opens!

6.15.01 Episode II Select Arrives!

6.14.01 Homing Beacon #37!

6.14.01 New Wallpaper!

6.13.01 A New Character at Star!

6.13.01 Another New Affiliate!

6.12.01 Don't Forget AFI's 100 Years 100 Thrills!

6.12.01 New Dark Side Sourcebook!

6.11.01 Episode III Scene Possibly Revealed!

6.10.01 New Poll Added!

6.10.01 What happens to Naboo and the Gungans? They're not mentioned in Episodes IV, V and VI. Do they get wiped out?

6.8.01 Lucas honored with Kubrick Award!

6.8.01 New Episode II Select!

6.7.01 Mace's New Wallpaper!

6.6.01 The Making of Episode II Part 3!

6.5.01 Lucas Hates Leaks!

6.4.01 April Fools Featured!

6.4.01 New POTJ Figures!

6.3.01 You have made mention of the various software tools you use to create the 3D models for animatics. What hardware do you use for your render farm and real-time rendering?

6.2.01 A New Affiliate!

6.2.01 Star Wars: Jedi Outcast Screen Shots

6.2.01 Episode II Designs!

6.1.01 Homing Beacon #36!

6.1.01 A Great Episode II Select!

6.1.01 New Site of the Month!

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