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Archived News

February 2001

2.28.01 Boss Nass Added to the Characters Section!

2.27.01 LucasArts and Ensemble Studios Partner to make Star Wars Battleground!

2.26.01 Episode 2 & 3 News!

2.26.01 Get your Applications in for Site of the Month!

2.26.01 What sounds, if any, from the classic trilogy could be re-used for Episodes I or II?

2.25.01 Aurra Sing Added to the Characters Section!

2.24.01 New Wallpaper!

2.23.01 Episode II Organizations!

2.22.01 Fett in Episode II Select!

2.22.01 Star Wars: Battle for Naboo Demo!

2.21.01 Birthday Bash in Seattle!

2.20.01 Galactic Voyage is "Site of the Week"!

2.20.01 More on the flying droid!

2.19.01 While working on Episode II designs, had you kept from thinking ahead to Episode III, or was it necessary for you to do so?

2.19.01 Win an award at Watto's!

2.18.01 Affiliate News!

2.17.01 Qui-Gon Jinn Added to the Characters Section!

2.16.01 Padmé almost assassinated twice?

2.15.01 Episode II Select is here!

2.15.01 Luke Skywalkers lightsaber in Episode 2!

2.14.01 I heard about the digital satellite broadcast of Episode I to select theaters. How did this trial run go, and will it be implemented on a larger scale for Episode II?

2.13.01 Happy Birthday Shmi!

2.13.01 George Lucas Visions!

2.12.01 Kenobi Stands Alone!

2.11.01 Do you feel George is pushing yourself and ILM even further with the Episode II, or are you sticking to the techniques that were mastered during Episode I production?

2.11.01 Star Wars-A New Hope SE on Cable This Month!

2.10.01 New On-Line Game Added!

2.9.01 Captain Panaka Added to the Characters Section!

2.8.01 New Episode II Select Posted!

2.7.01 Affiliate News!

2.7.01 Select #30 Speculation!

2.7.01 Commander Praji Added to the Characters Section!

2.6.01 In Episode IV, was Luke's X-wing call-sign Blue Five or Red Five?

2.6.01 New Fan Art!

2.5.01 Star Wars reigns victorious over Star Trek!

2.4.01 Shmi Skywalker Added to the Characters Section!

2.3.01 In planning and choreographing action sequences, is it sometimes difficult to mesh the different talents and abilities of the actors into a solid routine?

2.2.01 New Episode II Select!

2.1.01 New Site of the Month!

2.1.01 Watto's down for a couple of days!

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