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Archived News-April 2015

Week 3

Friday April 17, 2015
Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront goes on sale November 17th on PS4, PC and Xbox One. The ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping down. Rebel forces firing blasters. Imperial speeder bikes zipping by. Intense dogfights between squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters filling the skies. Immerse yourself in the epic Star WarsTM battles you’ve always dreamed of and create new heroic moments of your own in Star Wars Battlefront.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Friday April 17, 2015
Star Wars Battlefront Will Offer The Force Awakens’ Battle of Jakku

We begin Day 2 of Star Wars Celebration with a bang! /Film has a story that excites me as an avid Battlefront gamer. "The rumors about a link between EA’s game Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars The Force Awakens are true. At Celebration, it was revealed that three weeks after the game’s November 17 release, they’ll offer a free piece of downloadable content called the Battle of Jakku, the desert planet in the latest Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer. This will help explain how and why all those X-Wing Fighters and Star Destroyers are abandoned on Jakku.

Scenes like that will be explained by this DLC.

The Battle of Jakku will be available on December 8, unless you pre-order the game, then you can get it December 1.

Like most games these days, Battlefront is is broken down into multiple modes, but primarily it’s an opportunity to create your Star Wars battle fantasy. So, for example, when we think of speeder bikes, you think of Endor in Return of the Jedi right? Well, in Battlefront, you can play as Boba Fett, on a speeder bike, on Hoth if you want. It’s totally customizable and fun like that.

But will your actions change scenes you see in The Force Awakens? Probably not. What will be cool though is Battlefront is a game that encourages exploration. In theory, that means you’ll be able to uncover some secrets about the film, or at least learn more about the world where Kira lives.

Another note, the shots above in the trailer look like the Imperial shuttles have been there for years. So, while the Battle of Jakku will be a prequel to The Force Awakens, it’s probably closer to the events of Return of the Jedi rather than The Force Awakens.

Star Wars The Force Awakens opens December 18. Star Wars Battlefront will be released on November 17 and be available for PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

Here’s the official info on the Battle of Jakku:

Fans who pre-order Star Wars Battlefront will be among the first players to experience the Battle of Jakku, the pivotal moment when the New Republic confronted key Imperial holdouts on a remote desert planet on the Outer Rim. Taking place in the aftermath of the Rebel victory in the Battle of Endor, players will experience the events that created the massive, battle-scarred landscape of Jakku shown in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Players who pre-order Star Wars Battlefront can fight the battle one-week early starting on December 1, 2015. All other players will get access to this free content on December 8, 2015."

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Posted by: Jedi Power

Thursday April 16, 2015
New Snowtrooper & Flametrooper

Kyle Newman scores pics of the new ‪‎Star Wars‬ Snowtrooper & Flametrooper from The Force Awakens at Star Wars Celebration!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Thursday April 16, 2015
The Force Awakens Teaser #2 Shown At Celebration

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2! In comes Han & Chewie! Enough said!

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Thursday April 16, 2015
Live Episode VII Panel From Celebration

Not at ‪‎Star Wars‬ Celebration? Don't miss the big Episode VII panel J.J. Abrams and Producer Kathleen Kennedy in 10 minutes. Live stream it now! Also be sure to keep up with the latest on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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Wednesday April 15, 2015
SWCA Exclusives

Joe Corroney and Brian Miller sent me an email about their great pieces of art that will be available at Star Wars Celebration. Be sure to check it out at booth #1111 during the event!

Hundreds of artists were considered for the Star Wars Celebration Art Show, in the end Lucasfilm and the panel of judges selected 35 to create exclusive new illustrations for the event. Some of the artist chosen are known for their work in film and special effects while a handful like Alex Ross, Cat Staggs, Katie Cook, & Ken Lashley are recognizable for their work in comic books. Two such artists are the duo of Joe Corroney and Hi-Fi color design's Brian Miller who frequently collaborate on cover illustrations for sci-fi comics like X-Files, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and Doctor Who as well as Star Wars art for book covers, Star Wars Insider magazine, Topps trading cards, and Star Wars collectables for ACME Archives.

Joe Corroney and Brian Miller each chose to represent the Dark Side of the Force and more specifically Darth Vader in their Star Wars celebration exclusive illustrations titled, "The Inquisitor's Gift" & "Remember the Death Star". Joe had this to say about his choice of characters, "Darth Vader is my favorite Star Wars character and hands down my favorite character to illustrate. But I hadn't yet done a print for Celebration that just focused on him".

When asked about his artwork for Celebration Miller says, "I wanted Darth Vader to be larger than life and more of an iconic representation of the Empire. In a similar vein to how Uncle Sam was portrayed in many propaganda posters. They type and  design elements were chosen to serve as a powerful recruitment tool for the Empire".

Both artists will be attending Star Wars Celebration Anaheim April 16-19 where their artwork will be featured in the Celebration Art Show. A limited number of official Lucasfilm prints of the artwork are being made available exclusively for attendees as well. "Even though I've been working as a comic book and sci-fi illustrator with Joe Corroney for over a decade this will be my very first Celebration," comments Miller, "I feel like the young Padawan to Joe Corroney's Jedi Master and I look forward to spending time  our Celebration booth meeting fans & collectors". Joe Corroney adds, "There's definitely a camaraderie among all of us Star Wars artists. it's great fun to catch up with each other at these events".

As officially licensed Lucasfilm artists Joe Corroney and Brian Miller also participate in Celebration programming for the fans. Joe will be sketching Star Wars characters at Booth #1111 and Brian will be participating in the Star Wars Kids art program. Kids can learn how to draw droids with Brian during the "Drawing R2-D2 and Friends" event on Sunday.

The Inquisitor's Gift  - illustration by Joe Corroney with Brian Miller
Limited to 250 edition
Hand signed and numbered 
Measures 18" x 24" inches 
Remember the Death Star - illustration by Brian Miller
Limited to 250 edition
Hand signed and numbered  - includes certificate of authenticity
24″ x 36″ movie poster size lithograph

Posted by: Jedi Power

Wednesday April 15, 2015
Daily Video Clip

Today's new video clip is Darth Vader Remembers. Star Wars Celebration Anaheim starts tomorrow and it will mark the return of Darth Vader to the big screen in the Season 2 premier of Star Wars Rebels. Be sure to stand by for lots of fantastic updates as we provide information from the event from Thursday through Sunday. Remember... The Force Awakens first trailer airs tomorrow, so be looking for that to kick things off with a blast! Enjoy!

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Wednesday April 15, 2015
Daily Star Wars Card

Today's new card is available and comes from the Star Wars Cards section. This specific The Empire Strikes Back card can be found under Series 1 (Red Cards) and there were 132 cards and 33 stickers in all from 1980. Today's new card is 52-Millennium Falcon: Getaway Ship of that series. Look for more cards and stickers every day!

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